Welcome to CFF-U Business Series!

Welcome back to CFF university. I love recording these videos for you as a client of commercial fleet. I absolutely love the game of business, the language of business, and you know, from my own days of starting commercial fleet, 26 years ago, I didn’t have a roadmap. I didn’t have a playbook that I could follow. And so that’s why we do CFF university. It gives you a structured format of if you do the things we teach in CFF university in your business, you will run a better business period. End of story. We have had hundreds of people come through our burn, the ships bootcamp, which is where this content comes from. Uh, my partner, judge Graham and I in that business have taught hundreds of people. And we have watched incredible results from our alumni group who simply do the steps that you’re being taught.

Deadly Habit #1 – Talking In Bull S**t

This Chapter is SU super important to me because I believe it is the secret sauce of business. I believe it’s the future of business. Everybody talks about, you know, businesses about revenue and profits and scale and growth. Yeah, I get all that and I agree with you, but that happens when you have culture. And I want to offer you seven deadly habits that kill your business. Now we’re going to get into in a few chapters more about culture, but I want to give you these seven things that if they’re going on in your business, you need to fix them. So let’s get into it.

We call these the deadly seven, the first, and I apologize for the language,

The first is called talking in Bull S***. It’s when your organization doesn’t tell each other honest truth, your managers are kind of afraid to bring bad news.