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Welcome to chapter 14, a follow up, obviously on chapter 13, and this chapter is called mining. Your acres of diamonds, Acres of diamonds Are your existing customers. The people who have trusted you and done business with you before.

The Relationship And The Exchange

Let me start with a question. When was the last time you made a purchase? Maybe a big purchase, not an Amazon purchase. I’m telling you one where there was a relationship. Maybe you bought a vehicle, a truck, maybe you did financing. Maybe you bought furniture. Maybe you bought some jewelry for your significant other. There was a real relationship and exchange.

And how often have you heard from that salesperson again? Okay. When I asked this question At our burn, the ships events, the answer is if there’s 50 people in the audience, we get one or two hands go up. It almost never happens. People don’t follow up with their customers. Now the files follow up question is how often do you follow up with people who chose you to do business with that’s? The hard question, are you like that other sales person who’s you took the deal. You sold the vehicle, and then you never followed up. The concept here is called mining. Your acres of diamonds. It’s the constant staying in front of your customers. Because as we talked about previously, it’s five times more difficult to find a new customer than it is to do repeat business. So if you stay in contact with your customers, you will get more business from your customers and your competitors. Aren’t. For some reason, every company thinks it’s easier to do business with a stranger than it is to do business with someone you’ve already done business with the concept is called mining.

Mining Your Acres Of Diamonds

Let’s talk about some ideas of how you can do a better job of mining, your acres of diamonds. Number one, you have to have a CRM. You have to have a customer relationship management program, whether it’s salesforce.com used to be act in the old days, whether it’s Microsoft dynamics, there’s a million different CRMs out there, but what is the database that you’re holding the customer information within so that you can mine that database and stay more in touch with your customers. We suggest you call Your customers every 30 days you don’t like we talked about in the last chapter, it doesn’t have to be to sell them anything, just stay in contact with them.

You should often run a discount. And I use the example in the previous chapter about, you know, why do I, as the existing customer, never get the deal as the new customer. I never understood it. Why, why do I have to pay $99 a month? But a brand new customer for the cell phone company gets $49 a month. Why wouldn’t you get me the 49 bucks. I’m already the good customer hook me up, man. Satisfy me again.

Ask For The Referrals

Ask me for referrals, But why does a stranger get a better deal than me? The one I know and the one I’ve already trusted you with right email, regularly, least once a week, put an email into your customers. That’s a newsletter. That’s a blog. That’s a video. That’s a CFF university. That’s a CFF TV, hot topic, video. Stay in contact with your customers. If your customer has given you their cell phone and allowed you to text into them, text your customer. Hey, just thinking about you today. Drive safe. How about them Cowboys? Right? The text is the ecosystem today. If a customer allows you to communicate via text, use it. Now don’t abuse it. If the customer doesn’t want you to text them or they’ve opted out, don’t keep texting them. That’s downright rude.

But if they like communicating via text, shoot them a text and don’t make it looking to see if you want to buy, looking to see if he got more business for me, just say, how about them? Cowboys? Hey, looked on the weather channel today. Beautiful weather in Los Angeles. Drive safe, stay in contact with them via text. You might go old school on it and do some direct mail. We actually think direct mail might be making a comeback because so many people aren’t using direct mail anymore. And yet one thing that we all do is still check our mail.

The Mail Route – Recap

Most people look at the Mail every day that it comes in. But for some reason, from a marketing standpoint or stay in contact with our clients, we’ve stopped using it. It’s definitely more expensive than sending an email, but it works. And then if you Have a route, this is the final point on this mining or acres of diamonds. What if you put your customers on a route, just like if you had a vending machine business every month, you would have to go to that vending machine client, the, all the different machines, and you’d have to extract the coins and the dollar bills from it. Why not putting your, put your salespeople on a route and they’re going to just go every month.

They’re just going to go physically see their customers, just like a route, just like a coffee guy on a, on a route or the milkman in the old days on a route or the vending machine guy has to go on his route, put your sales guys on a route. I just hear your customers in this geographic territory. And one day a month, you’re going to leave the office and you’re just going to go pop in and say hi to your customers. It will be miraculous. What happens if you do a better job of mining, your acres of diamonds, we’ll see in the next chapter.

We’ll see you in chapter 15.



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