Semi-Truck Financing

Navigating the roads of the trucking industry is only half the battle. Before you put your fleet in motion, you have to secure the quality semi-trucks necessary for your over-the-road and long-haul operations.

When you partner with Commercial Fleet Financing, you can make fleet decisions with confidence knowing our specialized semi-truck financing solutions are there when you need them most. We understand the diverse demands of the trucking landscape and provide tailored financing options designed to empower commercial truck fleets of all sizes and sectors with sustained success.

Is it Better to Lease or Buy a Semi-Truck?

There are clear advantages of leasing semi-trucks – the bank owns any leased equipment and payments are typically cheaper than a loan. If you’re leasing a new semi-truck for a commercial trucking business, you can write off all upfront costs and monthly payments for tax purposes when you lease.

Alternatively, using a loan to purchase a semi-truck outright is also an advantageous option. Whether you run a small fleet of three trucks or are overseeing a medium fleet of 50, buying a semi-truck can be a good long-term investment. Any equipment purchased with a loan is a tangible asset that can be sold down the road to help offset costs.

Loan or lease? There is no cookie-cutter answer. Commercial Fleet Financing can help you identify which option is best for your fleet needs. If you do decide to purchase your own semi-truck, our financing options can be tailored to your specialized budget and business plan.