At CFF, our typical client has a personal credit score of 640 or higher.  With credit scores below 640, additional information will be required to review and potentially approve your credit application.

Yes.  CFF looks at both your business and your personal credit when we process your credit application.  This is often positive, because some clients have limited business credit, and we can use the strength of their personal credit to approve their financing and put the equipment IN THE NAME OF THEIR BUSINESS.

CFF has a unique program called FRESH START.  It provides the opportunity for clients with challenged credit to get re-established.  The rates are higher and the terms are more ridged, but we do have an option for you with approved credit.

Our rates often compete head to head with your local bank or credit union.  Yes, we need to review your credit, but you will find our rates highly competitive within the transportation equipment financing industry.  In the end, if we aren’t competitive, you don’t have to do business with us.

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We are fast.  If your application is complete, we can usually issue a credit approval within as little as 2 hours.

No.  Since 1995, we have been financing trucks, trailers and equipment within 4 primary industries.  Trucking, towing, construction and moving are the primary industries we work in.

No.  Our financing is fixed-rate and we do not collateralize your other equipment.  Each contract stands on its own. This is a unique benefit to financing with CFF vs. your local bank.

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CFF offers financing ranging from $10,000 – $1,000,000.  Our average transaction size is $62,000.

We are happy to finance single unit owner operators or large fleets.  Don’t let the size of your business impact your decision to grow. Many of our clients started with 1 truck and now have dozens.

You insure your equipment against loss including property and casualty coverage, and liability.  Most clients simply add their new or replacement equipment to their existing policy.

Your choice.  At CFF, we will recommend various options that fit your budget and cash flow needs.  While most of our contracts are written for 36, 48, or 60 months, we can go out as long as 108 months depending upon the type of equipment. 

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In most states, because you are financing your equipment vs. leasing it, you are responsible for the taxes. Tax rates vary by county and state.

Typically our financing approvals are based on 100% financing.  However we will always recommend the program that benefits you, so we are happy to quote payments with or without a down payment.

Yes we do.  However, because of the risk involved with start up businesses within the transportation industry, it is rare that we offer 100% financing for start up businesses.  In most cases you will need 10-20% down payment.

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At Commercial Fleet Financing, our typical client has a personal credit score of 640 or higher.  With credit scores below 640, additional information will be required to review and potentially approve your credit application or refer you to our FRESH START EQUIPMENT FINANCE division.

CFF, since 1995, has financed trucks, trailers and equipment such as big rigs, tow trucks, construction equipment and delivery trucks.  But if you are in the transportation industry, we can assist with just about any equipment you need.

We know that you know what you are doing.  Although most of our clients purchase equipment from a licensed dealership, if you find a good deal, we want to help you buy it.  Therefore, you do not have to buy your truck, trailer or equipment from a dealership to qualify for our financing.

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Most of our transactions are approved with a simple one page credit application.  From time to time, we will request additional business information such as bank statements and/or tax returns.  In addition to your credit history, we like to review the buyers order of the equipment you are purchasing to make sure it has a clean title and in good working order. 

Since most of our transactions are loans and NOT leases, you are the registered owner of the equipment and the title is sent to you after the last payment is made.  If you have chosen to lease your truck, trailer or equipment, you will have a defined buyout option.

We love talking in person or on the phone!  Feel free to call us directly at 469.281.2962 and speak with a professional who will understand your needs and always recommend the program that benefits you most.

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