Welcome to CFF-U Business Series!

Welcome to chapter nine inside of CFF university. I hope you’re enjoying watching these as much as I’m enjoying bringing them to you. I love teaching the language of business. I love helping business owners with a roadmap that they can tactically follow to build a great business. I promise you if you have done chapters one through eight, your business is already radically different. I guarantee it. And we’d love To hear from you about it too. If you like this, email me at [email protected] and tell me what you think about CFF university up to this.

The Culture Must Be Lived Daily

The last couple of chapters that we’ve been talking about is about culture and growth culture. Now, I want to show you examples of how you can bring your culture to life. The culture can’t just be words. It has to be felt. It has to be lived. The first thing you do need is on the walls. You need your value system put up on the walls, never hire anyone. Unless you talk to them about your core values, put it on your website, put it on the back of your business card, put it at the bottom of your letterhead anywhere you can push your value system into the marketplace for people to see it and understand it and know that you’re serious about it is a good thing, but internally in your office, uh, you have to bring it to life.

There’s nothing worse than a company that puts a value system on the wall and everybody in the organization doesn’t believe it doesn’t care about it. And worse. Doesn’t think you as the owner or the boss care about it. So how do you do it?

Make The Place Cool

Make the place look cool. You’re seeing some pictures of what we have in our offices here in Dallas. We have brought our value system to life. We put colors on the walls. We put our values in huge, um, plexi glass. We’ve got sayings all over the office. We’ve got, uh, heck we got a half court basketball court in our office to bring teamwork together. We have a military feel in some elements or office to make sure that everybody’s being strategic and focused on the customer experience and on profits and on reputation.

We have a think tank conference room with a old school world war II motorcycle in it, which reminds us of strategy and military and, and, uh, aggressiveness in the marketplace. Ask yourself, what can you do in your organization to bring your new and renewed culture to life? I want you to celebrate everything. Find reasons to run little contests and give away metals for people.

Bootcamp – CFF’s Incentive –

One of the things we do at commercial fleet is we call it the CFF bootcamp. We on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, we bring in a personal trainer and we work out in our parking lot from 1215 to 1245. It’s free to anybody who wants in the company who wants to get a workout in mazing. What happens when people begin to lose weight, they begin to feel better about themselves. They begin to, you know, look at things in a more positive light. It’s amazing how that little 30 minute workout burns off frustration and anger or you know unsettledness.

In employees, maybe they had a bad morning, they get a 30 minute workout and they feel amazing in the afternoon. It’s like a reset to their entire day. What can you do in your company to bring your culture to life? It doesn’t have to be expensive. Now I want to give you some examples of things that you can do right now, inexpensively to bring your culture to life in your organization.

Reflect The Values With Visuals

Number one, visually change your office to reflect the values, put the values on the walls, put some music on in the office, steam, clean the carpets, paint the walls, a new color, clean the bathrooms, make sure that the everybody’s got supplies that they need. Make sure that the chairs aren’t all ripped up and the computers are broken and the phone doesn’t work, make it clean and presentable and, and show that you care, do that with your equipment as well. You’ve got a driver shortage problem. Put your drivers in real nice clean equipment. And you’ll see how that driver shortage will change.

Create an environment that wants people to be in the office. I’ve seen companies use treadmills at people’s desks or standing desks or lots of different. They bring donuts in, in the morning regularly, or even an order lunch or pizzas in every once in a while to make people want to stay in the office. My, my partner in burn the ships, judge Graham in one of his companies that he owned would order in lunch for all the employees everyday.

Long-term effects Of A Good Incentive

He had a couple hundred employees and his stance was if I feed my couple hundred employees versus allowing a couple of hundred employees to leave the office for an hour, hour, 15 hour 30, whatever it ends up being, it’s actually more profitable to have the people in the office enjoying a good, healthy lunch, feeling good about the company, knowing that they’re going to get a good healthy meal every day than it is to let them leave the office. And then I have to deal with the management of it. They couldn’t come back on time. The time cards, all that sort of stuff, tie compensation to the success of the value system. Never hire anyone without going through your core values with them, hire and fire against the core values. So people know the reason that they’re being let go. I, it doesn’t fit with our value system. I promise you. It is amazing when someone says you’re right, I don’t agree with that value system anymore. And I don’t wan