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Dealer Partner Starter Kit


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  • Marketing Flyers (white-label.pdf)
  • Checklist of Required Docs
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Gain a Clear Edge by Partnering with CFF

CFF understands transportation equipment better than other finance companies because we’ve served over 10,000 customers $1 Billion+ in funding since 1995! And with the most rigorously trained loan consultants in the industry, you’ll find CFF to be a lucrative partner.

You gain several advantages when partnering with CFF, including:


Our loan experts want to talk with you and your buyers. While most bankers are too busy for you and just send emails, the CFF loan experts are on the phone helping you close your deals.


CFF handles all of the paperwork for you. From the application to the documentation to the funding, CFF does it all so you can focus on selling equipment.


Our payments are affordable and we offer zero-money down options so customers are happy. Because we are so competitive, your buyers don’t look elsewhere.

How to Qualify for Dealership Partnership

At CFF we pride ourselves on working with carefully selected dealers from around the United States. We look for partnerships vs. mere transactional relationships.

Our best dealers fit the following profile:


Established, with an inventory of new and/or used transportation equipment, including:

  • Semi-trucks & trailers
  • Tow trucks
  • Box trucks
  • Light / Medium duty fleet vehicles
  • Construction equipment


Sell equipment of a broad range of brands and year models – which are an ideal fit for our “No Age Restriction Truck & Trailer Finance Program.”


Accept flexible financing options to customers, not just cash-only-deals. Dealers who only offer cash options, will sell less equipment, because not all buyers can or want to pay cash for equipment.


Must like using the phone. At CFF, we like to talk to people, not just email.


Must have a desire to help end-buyers/clients with the best overall programs that meet the needs of each customer FIRST. This points to the CFF Core Value #3 – “CFF always recommends the program that benefits our client before benefiting us.” This core value needs to be agreed upon by our dealer partners as well. The dealer who is only interested in selling their equipment vs. providing the best possible options for their customers is probably not a good partnership fit with CFF.

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