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Welcome to chapter 11. We’re talking about How do we only play, play the game we can win. Now, let me explain what that means. We’ve already said in the program that Amateurs get crushed and experts get paid. We’ve already explained that a niche will get you rich and inch wide and a mile deep is what we suggest you do. And now You’ve got to get really good at understanding who, who do you do business with the best. In other words, who is your ideal customer?

The Sales Mentality

This chapter is really connected to the sales mentality, right? How do We only play the game that we can win and give That game? That roadmap, that plan to our sales team so that when they’re making calls or calling on customers to get more business, they win 90% plus of the time, there is nothing worse than a Salesforce that doesn’t have confidence because the ownership or the management did not give them the opportunity to play the game. They can win. In other words, you’ve got your salespeople calling on customers that you really can’t do well for you. Can’t service that customer.

Decision-Maker Personas

We finance a lot of tow trucks on in here. If you have, um, if you’re in the repossession business and you repo cars, but you have your salespeople calling on, um, cities to get contracts that require heavy duty tow trucks. That’s not a game you can, when you don’t have heavy duty tow trucks, conversely, if you have heavy duty tow trucks, but you don’t have repo trucks, you don’t want your salespeople calling on, uh, banks or credit unions to handle their repossessions.

Cause you don’t have the equipment to do it. Not all businesses, good business, the right business is the right business. Does that make sense? We want to be doing business with round pegs in round holes. And many, many times managers and leaders have their salespeople putting square pegs in round holes. So let’s talk about what we’re saying here on the screen. You’re looking at what we refer to as decision-maker personas, right? We have to know who we’re selling into and we’re giving some examples here. We have five examples of the type of people that you might be selling into the type of decision makers that you need to be doing business with. The first is what we call, you know, busy Sally, the CEO, he, or she’s always just too busy to talk to you, right? They’re just too busy all the time. Well, we need to know what matters to Sally, right?

Put Your Sales People On The Right Path

What path are they on? What’s important to them. How can you make Sally look good? What’s the best way to communicate with Sally? Right? Um, the second persona that we reference here is, um, important. Ben Ben is the C level executive, the CFO, the CFO, the COO and Ben needs to feel really important all the time. Well, if you’re calling on Ben and you’re not making Ben feel important, Ben probably isn’t going to give you the business. So understand who the persona, what the persona of the customer is before you’re calling on them. And this is where from a sales standpoint, we have to be a little bit chameleon.

What Does The Customer Want?

Like we have to adjust To the needs of the customer. And as salespeople trying to get business from decision makers, it’s important. Rather it’s imperative that we fully understand what does the customer want? And customers want different things in different levels. They want different things in different positions within their company. They want different things in different age groups. They want different things in different demographics, right? If we’re calling, if we’re an older sales person like myself, calling on a younger millennial, and I say to that, millennial, we’ll all just call you back. And the millennial doesn’t want to be called back. That’s a bad cop communication piece right there. The way you overcome that, by the way is asking the customer, what is your preferred method of communication? Take this right now for your sales force. Make sure your salespeople are asking the potential customer. What is your preferred method of communication?

Help Sales People Be Connected

It will be very different depending upon the buyer persona, a younger generation might say, I want text. I want you to direct message me on Instagram. Hit me up on Tik TOK. Maybe, whereas a more seasoned C-level might say communicate with me, um, via email. Um, some might say, man, if you don’t call on me in person, you won’t get my business. Well, if your sales person isn’t trained on how to do in-person sales calls, we have a disconnect right there and it makes it harder for us to win the business. So the concept of this chapter is play The game that you can win By understanding the services and products that your company is best at. And then selling those into customers who want that product and service In a way they want to be communicated with.

Handling Objections

So continue to take a look at what’s on the screen right now, these different buyer personas. I know I’ve oversimplified it a little bit and maybe even I’ve put some stereotypes in place for me as the old sales guy or the old guy now, but there is an entirely new generation of people who are popping up in our industry who have a different set of needs, a different set of desires in the way they want to be communicated with. And even a different thought process. You might knock on the door of their office and they may find that very offensive. You might be emailing them all the time and they don’t even read their emails anymore. By the way, there was an entire generation of young people who don’t use email like us old road, hard put away sales guys do understand the buyer, persona, understand how you can best serve the customer because of what they need and then deliver it to them. By finding round pegs for round holes.

You Will See More Sales – Recap

If your sales strategy gets this right, you will see your sales begin to ramp up because your salespeople will be more confident. Your customers will be more communicative. They will be communicated with in a way that they want. And the product that you do best is the product that they want. There is nothing worse than putting a Salesforce into a marketplace to sell something that the market doesn’t want. Not recognizing it And not pivoting and adjusting play the game that you can win.

Let's move on to chapter twelve.



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