Ch. 7 | Building A Growth Culture

Welcome to CFF-U Business Series!

Welcome to chapter seven. This is on culture. What I consider to be one of the secret sauces of every great business, but culture in the way, judge and I teach it at burn. The ships is not ping pong tables and bringing your dog to work, right? So many people think that’s what culture is. We like to refer to it as a growth culture.

Why A Great Company Culture Matters

Let’s take a minute and talk about why a great company culture matters in your organization and why, when you really get it dialed in, it will be the secret sauce to your success. In the future, it will fix 90% of your hiring and your firing and your management problems. So according to Forbes, magazine Forbes says how important is corporate culture? It’s everything. According to entrepreneur magazine, they say company culture is more important than ever. It’s not that company culture was ever unimportant, but it is quickly proving to be a must have rather than a nice to have.

And I couldn’t agree more with that. Great people want to work for great companies. Bad people are tolerant of working at bad companies. Great clients want to work with great companies. And let’s talk about the difference between culture and what we call growth culture. We have a definition for it. A growth culture is an empowered and aligned organization that is committed to the success of its customers, team members and financial targets. I’m going to repeat that again. So we get it. A growth culture is an empowered and aligned organization that is committed to the success of its customers, its team members and its financial targets.

Definition Of Growth Culture

Our definition of culture growth culture is so much more than just ping pong tables and bring your dog to work. And pizza parties. It’s about an aligned organization that is committed to making sure the customer is handled well, that it is committed to making sure that its employees are treated well and that its financial targets are being hit. Let’s talk about a little bit of data as to why a growth culture matters.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 87% of employees are simply on happy and unmotivated. You should ask yourself how many of your employees Are happy and motivated? 63% of employees are not engaged. They’re just kind of halfway Doing the job. And that creates it’s a workforce of zombies, just kind of people punching the clock, not that concerned about your success or their success and end up being toxic. Like they are the one bad apple that spoils the bunch.

Growth Culture Helps Find The Right People

If you’re not careful, culture is the secret sauce of how every great company survives long-term you may be doing something well, right now, when you are Superman or superwoman in your business and all decisions have to run through you. We talked about that before in chapter two in the rhythm or chaos leadership test, the goal is to scale your business and make it bigger. And you have to have great culture as the foundation, the principles in which all decisions are made on.

When you do that, 90% of your hiring and your firing and your management problems will simply disappear.

How To Implement A Culture – Recap

That was, we move on to chapter eight. We’re going to get very tactical on how you implement a culture and what we actually have to do to build a great culture. But I wanted to use chapter seven as the introduction to what culture and growth culture really is.