Welcome to CFF-U Business Series!

Welcome to chapter eight of CFF university. We’re talking about culture in the previous chapter. I walked you through the difference between culture and growth culture. And now I want to talk to you about the foundational principles of building a great culture.

The Value System Of A Company Culture

Culture is built on a value system. Just think about it, how you may, uh, parent your children, right? You parent your children with a value system of whether it’s discipline or it’s athleticism or it’s academics or it’s respect, or however you apply it in your family’s world. Your and it works. Your Business needs the same thing. And we just To you that a value system, a core value system becomes the foundational principles of any great company culture. Now, um, we suggest no more than four core values and four core values can be anything you want. I’m going to give you an example of the commercial fleet value system here in a minute, but you have the magic as the leader of the organization to create the value system. Do you want to be known for reputation?

Do you want to be known for service? Do you want to be known for speed? You want to be known for on time delivery. Do you want to be known for creativity? Do you want to be known for, um, the, the, the cleanliness of the organization or the equipment? Anything it’s almost like a blank slate when you’re creating the value system. It’s your value system that gets pushed down through the organization and everyone agrees to it and is held accountable.

Culture Fixes Hiring And Firing Problems

We have seen the, uh, uh, uh, surgeons in the success of our company when we became relentless to our core values. So let me give you an idea of, as I said in the previous chapter, the reason you want core values and you want to be relentless to the value system is because it fixes 90% of your hiring and your firing and your management problems. The value system removes your gut instinct. It introduces a new person to the relationship between you and your staff. It’s the value system that dictates the decision, not you on a good or a bad day, and not them on a good or a bad day.

It’s did the behavior, did the effort, did the action, did the outcome connect to the value system? If it did awesome, let’s do more of it. If it didn’t hang on a sec, we’ve got a little problem here.

Value The Experience Of The Customer

That behavior didn’t connect to our value system. So let me give you an idea up on the screen. We’re going to throw the values, the commercial fleet financing values. We only have four of them, and I’m just going to walk you through them, steal these. If you want, take them for your business, if you think they’re beneficial. But the first value system we have is the customer. We need everyone on our staff to value the experience with our customer.

We need to do business fast. We need to be trustworthy about it. We need to be a understanding of friction points and the customer has to leave our organization with a great experience. So what does that mean? If you had a customer that was our sales person, let’s say it was not polite on the table phone to a potential customer or a customer. You don’t have to fly off the handle and say, what the heck were you doing?

Reminding Employees To Stick To The Value System Becomes Easier

How come, how dare you talk to a customer like that? You simply call them in and say, Hey, I heard that conversation. And I don’t think it connects to the value of customer experience. I would like our customers to have a better experience. Therefore, I would like you to change your tone when you communicate with our customers, because it’s a value of our company, very different conversation than you’ve probably had, um, with some of your staff. And I can tell you from my own personal experience, that before we got relentless to our value system, the previous example I just gave you is how that conversation would have gone. And that employee would have left saying what a jerk, but now you simply say, Hey, remember when you hired on and we walked you through the value system of customer experience, and we committed that we were going to do a great job, giving customers a great experience.

Value & Teamwork

I don’t think you did it. There I’d like you to improve upon it because it’s a value. 90% of the problem of hiring firing and management goes away. The second core value is profit. We have to make money to be able to do things, to be able to make payroll, to be able to make rent, to make utilities, to buy chairs, computer systems, trucks, trailers. We have to be a profitable company. So nobody should be afraid of the fact that the company has a value system of being profitable. The third value system is reputation. We got to do good clean business. We’ve been in business 26 years. We have close to 205 star reviews on Google. We have a good reputation. We need to keep it. So don’t do bad business. I use system. And the last one is teamwork.

Our departments like we talked about in two chapters ago, where we talked about the seven deadly habits, and we