Commercial Electric Vehicle Financing

As more dealers are starting to sell all-electric vehicles, more business owners and fleet managers are adding commercial electric vehicles (CEVs) to their fleets. Cargo vans, taxis, chassis cab models, semi-trucks, tow trucks, ambulances, buses – just about any commercial vehicle you could need has an electric option. And Commercial Fleet Financing is here to help you make the transition to CEVs or upgrade the light- and medium-duty vehicles you already have.

Whether you’re an experienced professional wanting to build an environmentally friendly fleet or a budding entrepreneur looking to make a mark with 100% green equipment, we offer tailored loans and leases that suit your specific commercial electric vehicle financing goals. Our simplified application process, competitive rates, and continuous support make the financing experience fast and easy to navigate.

No matter what work you do, Commercial Fleet Financing has CEV solutions just right for your business.

Benefits of Building a Commercial Electric Vehicle Fleet

There are a lot of good reasons commercial vehicles are going electric. Between tax incentives, lower payments, lower fuel expenses, and more focus on sustainability, businesses are greatly benefiting from adding CEVs to their fleets. Here’s a closer look:

  • Incentives and support: Many governments offer tax breaks, rebates, and other financial incentives to encourage companies to go electric. For instance, the US Inflation Reduction Act provides significant tax