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Congratulations. We’ve made it it to the end of CFF universe. We think the best educational program for our clients, our gift to you on how to build a great business. Like I said, in chapter one, the biggest problem we have is we really don’t know a structural tactical way to build a great business. Just kind of know how to do our business pretty well. And now we want to do it for ourselves. And we end up in the school of hard knocks, which is not a school at all. It’s a bloody nightmare.

Overview Of CFF-U Business

So I’m very hopeful that your time to get to the end of CFF university with me has given you an entirely new perspective on how your business can be built and the roadmap on how to build it the step by step, by step, by step process. So let’s go through in a summary of everything we’ve learned together. The first is the predictive index test, right? Personality testing for you and your staff. The second is the rhythm or chaos test for you. Are you a good leader? The third is, have you taken the time to build out your end game? Why are we doing this thing called our business in the first place? What do we want it to think? Like the fourth is Niche gets you rich. Can we actually Become an expert instead of just a generalist? Once we determine our niche, how Do we create content positioning in the marketplace that lets the world know we are the best in this niche. And here is the proof that we have.

We talked about what are some of the traits you need to be winning new business, right? How do we play the game that we can win? What are the behaviors of killer salespeople was a chapter that we went through in CFF university. We talked about customer centricity. How do we focus on the customer more? How do we get everyone in our organization involved in customer service? And then we talked about how do we mind our customers to extract more business from them and not just turn our customer deals into one hit wonders? How do we actually mine our acres of diamonds, we talked about potentially setting up some recurring revenue. How do we go back to our customers and get better, more concrete contracts with them. We talked about profit optimization. What are the key metrics that we need to be focused on within our business in order to do, um, to really make sure that we’re growing and making more money.

Cooking School Math

We talked about cooking School, math, how much business do we Actually have to do every day in order to hit our annual revenue goals, we broke it out into that simple formula of take the big annual goal and let’s break it down into how much business we got to do every day we talked about, what does it look like to set up revenue goals? How much revenue should we be even going for in the first place? And we gave you some examples about that. We talked about creating an org chart who does what within the organization who’s responsible and empowered for each department. We talked about why companies fail common reasons why companies just don’t make it. The most important thing is the daily 9 1 1 meetings that I’m begging you to make sure that you get started immediately at the completion of this, or hopefully you’ve already started to do it talked about your own. PACP your one page attack and conquer plan. How do we actually look at the goals of the business and our market leader positioning and our value system and our goals all on one page that shared with everybody and keep us all In alignment.

The Exit

We Talked about what the exit of your business might look like. And we talked about rigor. How do we get back engaged And care about our business again? So that time doesn’t just March on and we don’t really move the needle In the end. I am convinced that if you are customer follow Step by step by step chapter, by chapter in CFF university, you will have a much better business.

Go Back And Re-watch And Apply The Lessons

You will be a happier business owner. Your employees will be happier. Your customers will be happier. Your family will be happier. Your pocket book will be happier. I encourage you to go back multiple times and rewatch CFF university, share it with your management team, share it with your team, share with the people in your organization that care about your organization and help them get better too. It’s free to you. It’s our giveaway. It’s all the things we’ve learned in 26 years of doing truck financing. It’s also everything I’ve learned in my other business of burn the ships, this structured tactical methodology of how you can build a rebuild. Your business works.

Contact Me

I want you to enjoy it. I want you to learn from it. I want you to execute on it and then I want to hear about it. I want you to reach back out to me. My email is [email protected] And tell me What you did. Tell me your success points. Tell me things to be celebrated. Tell me how you took this information, put it into play and the result Share your excitement with us.

Start Today! – Recap

It’s been so much fun to be with you on this journey. I wish someone 26 years ago had taken me on a journey like this, where they taught me the structural way to build a business. I promise you the success we’ve had after 26 years, we could have done in half the time. I just didn’t know. Every day was just a fight, a survival, um, a, you know, what are we working on today? Thing. There’s a better way. There’s a more structured way, more tactical way. And it’s called CFF university. It’s yours free from us at commercial fleet financing, put it to use and then tell us how well it did for you. We’ll see you down the road.

We’ll see you down the road. Go to CFF-U: Business Videos Here

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