Welcome to CFF-U Business Series!

Welcome to chapter two of CFF university. The graphic you’re seeing on the screen as a question.

Is this you? Are you super woman. Every decision has to go through you. You’re the best in the company. You make all the right decisions. And or are you the guy on the right hand side where you’re just on the treadmill, man. You’re just everyday is like, can I keep up? Can I keep up? Can I keep up? Can I keep up? Can I keep up? Are you caught in the nightmare that so many business owners are in America? It’s this constant chasing of their tail?

There’s A Better Way To Run Your Business

Well, in either a picture, we encourage you to be neither of them. We don’t want, I want you to be Superman or superwoman, and we don’t want you to be on the treadmill, chasing your tail every day. We’re here to tell you there is a better way to run your business. But just like in the last chapter, we talked about personality testing to really understand what is the individual’s DNA and why they do well. They do this chapter. We get a little bit deeper and you, as the leader, the owner, the head, you have to take a test and we call it the rhythm or chaos test.