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Welcome to chapter three of CFF university. The first two chapters should have been eye opening for you. The first was, did you take a personality test for yourself and begin doing it in your team and your staff? The second was, did you take the rhythm and chaos test and how did you do on it? And now the third chapter is really an important element because it’s going to drive so many of your decisions.

What’s Your End Game?

What is your end game? Why do you do what you do? Do you do it? Do you run your trucking company to make profits, to secure your family and then take excess profits and go help someone, maybe a foundation or an organization or a nonprofit. Do you do it just to get rich? Do you do it to provide security for your employees and your clients? We don’t care what the answer is.

The point is most people will spend more time planning out their one week vacation at Disney world than they will ever spend planning out the end game of their business. So chapter three of CFF university is it’s time for you to create your end game. Why are you doing what you’re doing? So the slide you see on the screen is this the simple version of how you do this exercise.

What Do You Want? Write It Down

What is it that you want? Do you want a massive house? Do you want a Lamborghini? Do you want X number of dollars in income? Do you want, um, do you want multiple houses? It doesn’t matter what it is that you want. It’s your world. It’s your ability to create it. It’s your business. So you come up with what you want. We have no, no judgment to it. If you just want to get rich, knock yourself out, we support you. If you want to do some other reason of why you’re doing the business. That’s great too, but we just want you to start to write it down.

Put A Date On It

When You have to put a date to it, it is a amazing, amazing what happens when you put a date down that says, by this date, I will lose 30 pounds. By this date, I will have $50,000 excess cash. By this date, I will purchase that house that I promised my wife, whatever the answer is, to what you want and how much it’s going to cost to get it.

You have to finish the exercise with a concrete date. What do I want? How much is it going to take me to get It? And when, So you can just go hell, bent for election to go get it. That’s what I didn’t do in the early days of commercial fleet. I didn’t build out the end game. We just survived Year after year after year.

Take Time To Build Out Your End Game – Recap

It’s the purpose and the passion behind CFF university to help our clients, you, our client run a better business. That’s chapter three of CFF university. It’s taking the time to build out your end game. How long is it going to take you to do this? To be perfectly honest with you, it’s probably gonna take you an hour, maybe two hours. Maybe you need to include your significant other or your spouse or your management team on this exercise. Why are we doing what we’re doing?

Day after day after day? How much do we need to achieve it?

Let’s move on to chapter four.



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