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Welcome back to CFF university. We just walked you through the cooking school. Math that tells you how much activity is required to generate the revenue and net profit. That’s important to you, which connects to the end game, which is one of the earliest chapters. Remember we told you that everything in CFF universe, he builds on the previous chapter.

Setting Up Annuals Revenue Goals

Well, now that we know that now you got To figure out what are our revenue goals going to be? And this is a big confusion point for so many customers because they just don’t know how to set annual revenue goals. So at burn the ships, our bootcamp burn the ships.com bootcamp that we put on my partner, judge Graham, And I, we talk about, And we give real life examples of what a company should be setting their annual the goals at it’s a big wake up call for our attendees of the bootcamp, but I’m going to give it to you right now. I’m going to tell you what we teach at burn the ships and how you should be setting your annual goals. Here’s the Point when I was Starting commercial fleet very early on, I didn’t understand that we could grow fast. And I actually Didn’t.

I think That percentages of growth really mattered that much. I didn’t know that we could grow at a hundred percent a year or 200% a year, or even that we should be growing at a hundred or 200. And so guess what we ended up doing. We let’s just throw out an example of, you know, we had a hundred dollars in revenue and we said, we’re going to grow at a 5% growth rate this year. And at the end of the year, we did $105 in revenue.

Build Out The Budget & Roadmap

It didn’t move the needle. We didn’t push ourselves hard enough. We didn’t dream big enough. It wasn’t and tell a commercial fleet. We said, we’re going to get to a hundred million dollars, by the way, just for transparency. Our company was doing $36 million a year after a long time. And we made the goal to go to a hundred million. And we said, we would do it in three years. We budgeted, built out the roadmap for three-year growth, 36 million a hundred. We did it in 18 months. You can Grow faster. So let’s take A look at what you should be growing at and therefore how you should be setting your goals. If your company is doing a million to 10 million in revenue, we think you should be growing at a hundred percent a year. That means a million dollars. The next year should be 2 million, 2 million should be four, four should be eight.

How To Be The G.O.A.T

Now, if you want to be The goat, right? The greatest of all time, you could be growing between 200 and 500% a year in that one to $10 million range. I just want you to think about that for a, because so many of our clients are in that one to $10 million revenue range, and they’re growing at five to 10% a year. We encourage you. You should be growing at a hundred percent a year, do the steps in CFF university, and you will watch how magically your company will grow much faster, but I encourage you to set your goals bigger. So again, 1 million to 10 million, we think you should position your goal setting at a hundred percent a year. That means 1 million in this year, you should be 2 million next year. Now, if you’re doing between 10 and 50 million, we think it’s going to drop your growth. Rate’s going to drop. It’s going to slow.

Those Are The Habits – Recap

So that’s the habit. Those Are the ones growth percentages you should be focusing on as taught by my business partner, judge Graham and I in our burn, the ships bootcamp spring, the ships.com click bootcamp, if you want to come to it. But that’s a component of what we teach at it. We’ll see in the next chapter.

We’ll see you in chapter 19.



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