Ch. 23 | Using Rigor To Drive Your Business

Welcome to CFF-U Business Series!

Welcome to the next chapter. This is an important concept. I want to talk about here because we have seen this so many times in our business career and I have experienced this myself and therefore, I’m sure you have as well.

Drive Your Business With Rigor

There comes a point where you actually get a little tired in business. You just sort of say, is it Groundhog day again? Like, am I going to do the same thing today that I’ve been doing for the last 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years? Like I’ve had the pain, where’s the gain, man. And I want to remind you that this concept of compressing time getting more done faster is the key to staying out of Groundhog day. Because as we’ve talked about in previous chapters

Time, doesn’t heal Wounds. It actually increases the wound. It makes it deeper. We want to get stuff done faster. And the way we do it is by a concept called rigor. We become extremely rigorous to the installation of everything we’re teaching in CFF university. How does rigor happen? Number one, you have to have the structured game plan, which you now have in a CFU.

We Need To Have Rigor As Leaders

We’ve taught you how to systematically structurally tactically, build a business Or take back Your business, rebuild your business, or certainly started from scratch. Just do the chapters one by one by one by one by one and you’ll have success. But during the process, We have to have our thumb on it. We have To be rigorous to it, and it means we can’t be tired. As business owners, we have to go to the office. We have to ask tough questions. We have to have 9 1, 1 meetings. We have to be relentless to hiring and firing and management, managing to the company culture.

Rigor In Managing Your Business

We have to have metrics that our people are held accountable to. That’s the concept of rigor. I want you to get more rigorous in managing to structure in your business. I don’t want you to just be rigorous in doing a great job for the customer. Although it’s important. I need you to be rigorous in, are my salespeople doing what they’re supposed to be doing? Are the, uh, job descriptions being adhered to is my management team, having the right conversations?

Am I as the owner spending enough time in the business to make sure that we can Compress time, the Concept of rigor. When you think that it’s okay to be away from your business and your, and the business, isn’t ready for you to be away from it. That’s not rigor. That’s just being tired and Rigor is I’m going to recommit refocus. Re-engage Back into my business for a Short period of time. It could just be six months or 12 months.

Rigor Can Compress Time – Recap

Maybe it’s a three to five-year, but in you apply rigor to what we’re teaching here in CFF university, you will compress time. So get back engaged in your business. You now have the roadmap apply real rigor again, just like you did in the early days. And let’s get this thing cranking. We’ll see you in the next chapter.

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