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Welcome to the next chapter in CFF university. If you want one thing. And I hate when I say one thing, because you need all these things in CFF university to build a great company that’s scaling fast. But if you want to take one thing from CFF university, that will make a radical change in your business.

Why Companies Fail

I want you to start doing what we call 9 1 1 meetings nine one, one meetings. I want you to think Porsche nine 11. I want you to think fast, Right? 9 1 1 meetings start at nine 11 every morning. Now you can pick whatever time you want, but we suggest that it’s at a slightly odd time, right? Nine 11 in the morning, regardless of the time zone that your team might be in the meeting starts at nine 11 central standard time. Even if you’re east coast or Pacific, it doesn’t matter. Nine one. One is when we start and 9 1 1 begins to get effective communication going throughout the organization. It gets everyone aligned in the same mission every single day.


Let me read the definition that my partner, judge and I created it. Burn the ships for what a 9 1 1 meeting does. 9 1 1 meetings allow you to get your entire organization from the CEO to the intern, quickly aligned in, in rhythm daily against the top priorities that day that need to get done in order to grow your business. So often our businesses are just sort of floating along without any real focus. 9 1 1 meetings change That. It’s when you take the Goal. So the organization annual quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, and you break them down to a daily meeting. Jenny, how are we doing in sales, Michael? How are we doing in marketing? Cynthia? How many loads did we haul yesterday? How many cars did we? We tow, how many deliveries did we do yesterday? And how does that compare against our goal? Well, we did well yesterday. We actually exceeded our goal. Okay, fantastic. What are we doing to continue that? Or we actually missed great. What are we doing? Just that right? Who, who was disruptive in the organization yesterday? That may need to have a difficult conversation? What customer called and was unhappy yesterday or this morning that we need to get addressed. Hear me on this, everyone.

Allocate Resources

There’s that old quote that says time, Heals all, all wounds. I disagree with that. I actually think time makes the wound deeper And more open. Right? Think about in our own personal lives. If, if haven’t Spoken to an important family member in a long time, Sometimes it’s actually easier to never talk to them again, time doesn’t heal that wound. Okay. It stretches it out. If you would asked the problem right away in a 9 1, 1 meeting, or you celebrate the success in a 9 1, 1 meeting, it keeps the momentum going in the organization. It keeps people engaged and aligned and communicated with and focused on where the company is going to elements to a 9 1 1 meeting. First, you get the opportunity to celebrate the successes. Hey, we’re On track. We’re meeting our goals. We’re killing it. Or we’re short. We’re off. We’re behind.

What Action steps are we going to do today Right now to put us back on track. If you Want one takeaway from CFF university that will radically change your business, start doing 9 1 1 meetings Tomorrow, immediately send out the message To your team that says effective tomorrow at 9 1 1, we’re having an all hands on deck meeting. And we’re going to talk about where we are, right? Miraculously, the team will stop wasting time, Stop not being accountable and start Being empowered because they know that the next day they might be called on the table to talk about where their department is, where they are in their goal. How does it look? Where are we going with this? Are we on track? Are we off track?

Have Great Accountability

The 9 1, 1 Meetings solve this problem? Every Company that we’ve worked with at burn, the ships that has installed the 9 1, 1 meeting Has improved, radically improved, and the same thing will happen in your business. If you start 9 1, 1 meetings every day, Monday through Friday, where the whole group gets together. By the way, if we have challenges with remote people, make them zoom in, do a video call. Half the office is in the office. Half the office is in the field. Maybe your salespeople are in their cars. They simply call in. They simply video chat in off their phone. Everybody gets together no more than 15 minutes. We get everybody re-engaged and realigned, and then we do it tomorrow. And then we do it the next day. And we do it the next day. You do that for 30 days, your business will radically Change.

Measure Their Effectiveness – Recap

I promise you 9 1 1 meetings. One of the secret sauces to building a great company that’s scaling fast and making more money. We’ll see in the next chapter.

We’ll see you in chapter 22.



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