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Auction Purchases

Financing for Auction Purchases

Get Credit Approval in 2 Hours and Funds in 24 Hours

Buying equipment for your business at an auction can be a great way to find a deal, but equipment financing can be hard to come by. But don’t worry, CFF has offered auction lines of credit for our customers for 20 years.

CFF provides financing that allows you to purchase semi-trucks & trailers, tow trucks, box trucks, light / medium duty equipment and construction equipment equipment at auction.

With CFF, you enjoy fast credit approvals in as little as 2 hours, funds in as little as 24 hours, zero-money-down leasing, and the most flexible terms in the industry.

With all this white-glove service, it’s a no-brainer to see why more people choose Commercial Fleet Financing over the slow and cumbersome big banks and credit unions.


7 Simple Step Process

CFF will help you buy equipment through an auction quickly and smoothly in a few easy steps:

Step 1

Call CFF and give us an idea of what you want to spend at the auction.

Step 2

Once we approve your credit, we will issue an AUCTION LINE OF CREDIT LETTER.

Step 3

This letter will get you into the auction and allow you to bid on the equipment you want to buy.

Step 4

Once you are the winner of the auction, most auctions allow you 5-7 days to fund them and pick your equipment up.

Step 5

As soon as possible, send CFF your bill of sale form the auction company.

Step 6

CFF will get the final paperwork started for your signature.

Step 7

CFF will fund the auction company directly, typically in 24 hours.

This entire process can be handled in 24 to 48 hours!

How Much Are You Looking to Finance?

We Get It

Time is money! That means you can’t afford to wait around for days or weeks for a loan to come through. When you apply for funds most banks and credit unions make you jump through hoops and provide unnecessary documents. On the other hand, our process is painless and blazing-fast!

You’ll be on the road with your new equipment in as little as 24 hours when you choose CFF.

The CFF Advantage is Clear


5 Star Rating

Low down payment, fast approval, decent interest rates.

5 Star Rating

A Gagic, Trucking

My rep was very knowledgeable and on top of things throughout the process. So, we did 2 deals and both went very smoothly with no issues, because he was straight forward and easy to work with.
5 Star Rating.

M Williams, Trucking

My sales rep was very professional and I felt really good after taking with him that CFF was a company I wanted to do business with.
5 Star Rating.

T Godish, Trucking

I have purchased several automobiles in the past and will purchase lots more, by far this has been the best experience thus far. I have already referred a few clients to CFF and will continue to do so.
5 Star Rating.

D Morgan, Trucking

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