INSIDE LOOK at The 24-Hour Commercial Trucking Finance Process of CFF

CFF’s commercial trucking finance process can happen in as little as 24 hours. That’s fast!

Yes, this commercial trucking finance company has perfected the simplest, fastest start-to-finish funding process in the industry.

Take a look at the blog we wrote on the overall 5-step commercial finance process to get a bird’s eye view of the start to finish. Then, take a detailed look at the first step in this funding process, which is CFF’s fast credit app and 2-hour credit approval process.

Here, we pick up on what happens after approval and cover the actual cash-in-hand aspect of the 5 step commercial trucking finance process of Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc.

Still, we’ll summarize the first steps that lead up to what happens after you get credit approval.

  • Step 1: Select Commercial Truck – First and foremost, you should select the commercial truck & trailer, box truck, tow truck, light to medium duty fleet vehicle(s), and/or construction equipment you wish to purchase to grow your business.
  • Step 2: Fill Out the Fast Credit Application – Once you’ve selected the commercial truck and equipment you wish to purchase, the natural next step you need to take is to fill out our fast and easy online credit application.
  • Step 3: Approval in as Little as 2 Hours – Once you fill out the online credit application, our team instantly receives your application and they go to work processing your package and putting together the best deal possible for you.
  • Step 4: Discuss Terms – Once your CFF loan consultant receives approval of your deal (usually within 2-hours), they will provide 3 finance options, based on a 60-month term, to you so you may choose the monthly payment that best suits your company’s needs.

Matt Manero, President of CFF takes you behind the scenes of what his commercial equipment loan specialists have been doing for the past 25 years when someone applies for credit approval. Watch it now:


Deal or No Deal?

At this point, you – the buyer – simply needs to agreed to one of the 3 commercial trucking finance terms, usually based on 100% funding, then you may proceed to the next step in the process.

A few benefits of partnering with CFF over banks, credit unions, or other commercial trucking finance firms include:

  • 100% Financing – CFF finances all add-ons, such as an extended warranty, Service Plan, roadside assistance, taxes, and more
  • No age restriction on all types of equipment
  • Flexible – $10,000 minimum loan amount on up. We’ve financed deals this small up to $1.6 Million and beyond, in single deals
  • Low Rates – CFF interest rates compete with banks, head-to-head, but our process, simplicity and speed to funded deals beats them – hands-down
  • CFF finances customers at all points of the life-cycle, including not just the bigger 5 to 10 truck and up fleets, but also the startups
  • No Hidden Fees – You don’t have to worry about ‘banker language’ used to hide additional fees with CFF. Our programs are simple, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting with our customer-first approach
  • Simple 1-Page Application – Fill out our simple, super-fast 1-page form
  • Credit Consideration – While we look at credit, don’t be deterred if you don’t have excellent credit because we’ve got options
  • White-Glove Service – Once you complete the quick application on this page, we take it from there and do all the heavy lifting from there

All of this is probably some of the reasons why CFF has become the most trusted commercial trucking finance company in America – having funded over $1 Billion to far more than 10,000 trucking companies in the last 24+ years.

Once the term has been decided, the CFF loan consultant will request:

  • Driver’s License and
  • Insurance contact information

…and let you know they will communicate the approval to the dealer – or other seller.

NOTE: With CFF, you may purchase commercial trucks and equipment not only from dealers, but also through private party sellers and even auction purchases.

Perform Due Diligence

Your CFF loan consultant will then ensure that you have done due diligence on the truck and if not, agree on a time when you may inspect the vehicle you wish to purchase.

If it’s long distance, and you haven’t inspected the truck, they will give you the option to go inspect the truck before they create loan documents and you would make a second trip – OR – get everything ready to fund – and await your final decision on whether the truck works out for you.

Authorize Funds

You will then call your CFF loan consultant to authorize the release of the funds – which is completing your verbal agreement.

Inform Dealer (Seller)

Next, your CFF loan consultant will reach out to the dealer to inform them that CFF now has a deal in progress, and to request the documents they need to submit a “doc request.”

Remember, all this is happening in as little as 24 business hours, so while we’re detailing the process here, this process is happening quickly – assuming you (the customer) is able to fulfill your part quickly. In other words, performing due diligence, submitting the simple documents outlined here, etc.

CFF funds dealer within 24 hours of receipt of complete packet. The documents that are used at this point include:

  • Signed documents – contracts/docusign & power of attorney – You will sign the contracts
  • Copy of buyer’s insurance certificate – We’ll make copies of your insurance
  • Copy of title completed by dealer – The dealer (seller) will provide the vehicle title information
  • Copy of buyer’s order from dealer – Your loan consultant will get a copy of your order from the dealer
  • Any required down payment – You will put the agreed upon down payment in – if any

Voilà…You Got Funded!

Finally, your CFF loan consultant will inform you that they are turning the deal over to Claudia – another CFF team member, to complete the process.

Just that fast, your commercial trucking finance deal has now been funded in as little as 24 hours by the best in the business!

So what are you waiting for?

Get started right now by filling out our fast online credit application to get started.

About Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc.:

At Commercial Fleet Financing (CFF), our pros have given smart advice to fleet owners and owner-operators in the transportation, moving, towing or construction industries for more than two decades. With CFF, finding the right financing solutions is a phone call away and most borrowers secure commercial vehicle financing with ease. To talk directly with one of our finance pros and get started with a credit approval in as little as two hours, CFF’s phone number is (469) 281-2962.