All-in Financing for Truck and Van Upfits

Your truck or your van is the lifeline to the success of your business. Sometimes, when looking for a new truck or van, the original specifications need additional, unique customizations or modifications to fit a specific business need.

That’s the main reason why business owners, fleet managers, contractors, technicians, skilled trade workers, and others upfit their trucks and vans. Upfitting is and addition or upgrade installed onto a vehicle to accomplish a particular job. Upfits can range from simple ladder racks and storage to workstations, security features, and crane arms.

Upfitting your truck or van adds real value, makes your job easier, efficient, and safer, and maximizes your business. By using Commercial Fleet Financing (CFF), the number one independently owned transportation equipment finance company in the United States, you will attain the most flexible terms in the industry to get any upfit you need. The good news is that CFF finances both vehicles and upfitting when other lenders don’t cover any upfitting costs.

Gain Amazing Benefits with Upfitting

Discover three advantages to upfitting your truck or vehicle.

1. Have the right equipment accessible that align with your specific job

Specific truck or van upfits allow certain workers to accomplish certain skilled trade jobs, such as the following: plumbers, construction workers, electricians, painters, HVAC technicians, locksmiths, biotech or hazardous material transport drivers, food truck chefs, and many other craftspeople, technicians, business owners, and contractors.

2. Work faster and efficiently and make more money

With the right equipment in your truck that matches your business needs, workers can complete jobs faster and more efficiently. For example, a handyman with a toolbox added to their vehicle has a more comprehensive selection of tools to do his job. With clear-cut vehicle additions, you can work more efficiently complete jobs more quickly, enabling you to take on more projects and raise your profits.

3. Improve safety

Specifically designed upfits can be added with safety at the top of mind. Some workers may need steps, walk ramps, additional lighting, or platforms to access equipment and increase security while on the job.

Upgrading your trucks and vans with the proper equipment you need results in better customer service and happy and productive workers. The domino effect is a higher return on investment for your organization — the primary goal of any business operation.

Eliminate Upfitting Challenges and Get All-in Financing

Demand outpacing supply is just one of many challenges you face when seeking a new truck or van.

You’re looking for a new medium truck with specific features or capabilities to do your job better. On the dealership lot, you only find standard base models that won’t fit any requirements, such as more storage, improved drivability, maximized usability, and equipment protection, and increased driver access and safety, to name a few.

Building a more specialized or customized vehicle that meets industry specifications and optimizes your truck’s capabilities requires a vehicle equipped with the necessary equipment and products.

Specifying customizations for your truck can be an overwhelming and expensive process. A better solution is to figure out what type of work your vehicle will need to handle and its equipment to accomplish specific tasks.

Working with experts in the industry who understand your business goals and unique needs, like Commercial Fleet Financing, makes the upfit process easier and optimizes your truck’s performance. All you need is the ease of CFF’s 3-step, all-in financing for upfitting your truck or van purchase.

Top-Notch Financing Options – All-in From a Market Leader Like CFF

Clients count on CFF when upfitting a truck or van, as they’re hoping to finance the entire purchase at one single lender. The icing on the cake is that CFF will not only finance trucks, but most importantly, we’ll finance the truck with any upfit you need. Instead of paying out of pocket for the customizations, plus a down payment on a vehicle, CFF can fund it all for you. You can keep your cash for other business priorities.

With customer service like this, it’s no wonder CFF is the number one light/medium duty fleet financing company in the U.S. We provide zero-money-down options and the most flexible terms in the industry. Credit pre-approval happens in two hours, and loan or lease funds happen in as little as 24 hours.

Learn more about how CFF can help you.

Upfitting your new truck doesn’t need to become a stressful situation. Upgraded trucks and fleets are driven by happier, productive workers who have the right equipment to get jobs done efficiently and effectively. With CFF by your side, you can see upfitting as an opportunity to enhance the power of your new truck and develop your fleet and business.

About Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc.:

At Commercial Fleet Financing (CFF), our pros have given smart advice to fleet owners and owner-operators in the transportation, moving, towing or construction industries for more than two decades. With CFF, finding the right financing solutions is a phone call away and most borrowers secure commercial vehicle financing with ease. To talk directly with one of our finance pros and get started with credit approval in as little as two hours, CFF’s phone number is (469) 281-2962.

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