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Matt Manero:

Something is going on with dump trucks. Now, you know, if you’re watching this, you’re in transportation and own a fleet, we finance a lot of transportation vehicles, but a niche that we have is dump trucks and something crazy is going on with dump trucks.

What’s Going On With Dump Trucks!

Matt Manero:

So I brought in Jeff Williams, our dump truck expert to come on in and let’s explore why is there so much demand for dump trucks? And why should you a transportation pro think about putting some dump trucks on if you love dump trucks, if you’re using them already, maybe it’s time to grow. So Jeff, we see dump truck demand through the bloody roof, right?

Jeff Williams:

Absolutely. We do. First of all, I’d like to say thanks for having me on man.

One of the biggest reasons for the explosion in dump trucks right now is a lot of guys are tired of being on the road. Okay. They get to be at home every day and still make as much if not more money than driving coast to coast. What we’ve seen in the last six, eight months is truly an explosion, like you said, because of all the fracking that’s going on, all the bridges that are being built, all the construction that’s going on all over the country.

Dump Trucks Make Money 24/7

Matt Manero:

So I think what you’re saying though, is that a dump truck is way more versatile in different industries.

Jeff Williams:

Absolutely. You can use a dump truck throughout multiple industries and you could run them 24 hours a day if you’d go tandem drivers.

Matt Manero:

You’re saying slip seat, you got a day shift and you’ve got a night shift and that truck can be making money

Jeff Williams:

24 hours a day. Absolutely. Now, just recently we, we financed a 2003 dump truck I say that to say, there’s no age restriction on these. You can make money, on older trucks that are $40k – $45,000 and pay them off as quickly as you, okay.

Requirements for Dump Truck Financing

Matt Manero:

Let me dig into that just for a sec. So, unlike our over the road financing, our big rig financing where we do have some age restrictions, right? And mileage restrictions when it gets to vocational, this medium duty…

This dump truck side of things, Commercial Fleet loves them so much that we got an amazing program. And that program is three years in business. The owner’s going to need good credit, 700 credit score, but they could finance a 20 year old dump truck. And we’d still give them 36 or 42 month financing on.

And we’d really from a down payment standpoint, we’re talking maybe one or two payments and first and last payment independence.

Jeff Williams:

That’s absolutely correct. So, and that’s the beauty of the program, Matt, with, with those older units, you’re not gonna have to put half down. You’re not going to have to, you know, empty your bank account in order to make money. With over the road trucking, it is just the opposite. For the newer companies, you’re going to have to put a lot of money down in order to make money.

It’s just not the case with dump trucks.

The Future of Dump Trucks With Infrastructure Plan

Matt Manero:

So Jeff, if the Biden infrastructure plan happens, we’re talking about, you know, I think the plan started out at close to $2 trillion. Now the Republicans are saying, they’re going to present 1.7 trillion and people are saying maybe it ends up being a train, but 600 billion of it is supposed to go for roads and bridges and airports. Every time they’re gonna tear out a bridge, there are going to be concrete. That’s got to be hold on, dump truck. Right. And there’s going to need to be dirt. That’s been excavated when they’re laying the electric grid all over the country, right. That dirt got going to dump truck. That’s right. I mean, what do you think about the ability for the dump truck to be used in other industries? Not just what we always think. Right? Sand, dirt, gravel for construction builds.

Jeff Williams:

It’s a tremendous opportunity for those who prepare for what’s coming, Matt. Again, you can run these, day and night with a couple of drivers and just make yourself a ton of money because the opportunity is there now. And it’s all it’s going to do is grow.

Matt Manero:

In the future. I think so, too, man. I think so, too. All right. Any parting words for people that are watching CFF TV and thinking about buying a dump truck.

Call CFF For Your Dump Truck Financing!

Jeff Williams:

Absolutely. Call us. We will get you taken care of. We have a great business model that will help you grow your company, uh, make more money. I know that I’ve said that several times, that’s a common theme, but, uh, that’s exactly what it’s gonna do and we will do it quickly. So you can get your truck on the road and, uh, build your bank account and build the driver’s bank account

Matt Manero:

Advantage of the dump truck program that we have at commercial fleet call Jeff Williams, dial CFFs for Jeff Williams. The dump truck gets here. He’ll take care of it. Thanks for being here, buddy.

We’ll see you all down the road.

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