Bad credit commercial truck financing is one of the most popular inquiries in the transportation industry.

Let’s face it, there are 1,001 ways to ding up your credit and that shouldn’t mean you’re locked out of the opportunity towards upward mobility.

While most finance companies slam the door in your face as soon as they catch wing of a loan applicant with below stellar credit, now there’s finally a great option for bad credit truck financing.


It’s a company called Fresh Start Equipment Finance.

Fresh Start is a sister company of CFF that works hand in hand with CFF to get loan approvals for customers that are unable to get approved through traditional financing.


While the typical CFF loan applicant has a credit score of 650 and up, Fresh Start helps those with credit scores of 500 to 649 and under two years in business, respectively. Fresh Start has been able to provide loans for clients with credit below 500, but the ideal candidate has above that number.

 The WHY Behind Fresh Start

 You see, the Fresh Start team understands that not every business has the same resources when starting out and they also understand that sometimes things happen that can affect credit score that doesn’t tell the whole story.

The focus is to assist clients in getting things going so that bad credit truck financing clients can get started in business and build their commercial credit in the process. By making payments and building experience, these clients will eventually become good credit truck financing clients.

How to Apply

Simply fill out our fast, online credit application, which takes just about 5 minutes to deliver the information we need.

We will need an invoice or “Bill of Sale” of the equipment you’re purchasing so that we can properly present it to the programs that we work with and conduct due diligence to ensure it’s in good working order. Some programs we work with ask for additional information – We will only ask for this information as needed.

 Fast Credit Approval

 Typically, credit is approved within 24 hours.

 If you’re looking for the best bad credit truck financing solution in America, look no further than Fresh Start!

To ensure the fastest approval, you should be open minded to options in getting approved. You should have your equipment invoice ready and be responsive to emails, phone calls, and/or text messages from your dedicated loan consultant who is there to help you get the best loan terms possible.

Time to Funding

Fresh Start funding time takes more work in putting together a solid loan that works for all parties. As opposed to CFF clients, who enjoy funding in as little as 24 hours, most Fresh Start deals are funded within 7-10 days, if we are able to get all of the information and documents that we need in a timely manner.


Looking for a Bad Credit Truck Financing company? CFF’s new sister company – Fresh Start Equipment Financing – specializes in 500 – 649 credit equipment financing!


Common Questions About Fresh Start


Q1: What is my down payment?

There are a few things that factor into the down payment such as price of equipment and strength of credit. We will assess each customer individually and provide down payment based on their CBR.

Q2: What is my APR?

Most of our programs structure the loan agreement like a lease, so there is not a true percentage rate. We are always happy to plug the numbers in for the approval, but most have a base payment X the number of months of the loan.

Q3: Can you get me approved?

In most cases, YES! We understand things happen and that challenges arise. We have worked with programs so that we can structure deals to mitigate risk in order to get more approvals for more customers. This allows our clients to get their equipment working for them to generate more revenue.

If you’ve been searching for the best option of bad credit truck financing, search no further than Fresh Start! Take the next step and fill out our fast online credit application to get started today or call us today to learn more about this program at 469-281-2962.



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