Learn How to Manage Cash in A Crisis

In this episode of Monday Transportation in Minutes, Matt Manero, Founder and President of Commercial Fleet Financing, will be going into detail on why Cash is Not TRASH. Cash is KING!

Cash is the one beautiful part of business that our customers understand. Our customers realize that cash is King.

We look at business in an old school fashion. We clearly recognize that the concept of cash being trash is madness and cash can only be King. So let’s get into it for a little bit. We’re talking about our clients, our dealers, and our vendors here. In an effort to help everybody get through this Corona madness, Corona Virus will prove to not be as big as everyone thought. Here’s my point. I’m not discounting that the coronavirus isn’t real. It is real. However, the health impact of the Corona Virus is going to prove out to be not as much as everybody thought.

Here is what is going to be more impacted than what everybody thought, and it’s the recession.

There is no question that our economy is struggling and therefore our businesses are struggling, and I believe that it’s going to continue for a little while. I want to come on today and talk specifically about why cash is not trash, that cash is King and how we can go into our businesses right now in find more cash.

We all need more cash and we need it now. Right now. I have 4 tips that I want to give to our clients, our vendors, and our dealers.

Learn how to find cash, utilize cash, so we can trust it, then be able to survive and eventually deploy the cash to thrive.


“I do want to offer this up as well that, do not take my advice as gospel. I am not a CPA. I’m not your accountant. I’m not someone who you should be relying upon for this information. You need to go double check and triple check this information on your own.” — Matt Manero

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Visit the SBA website for more information: https://www.sba.gov/



Online Application: https://covid19relief.sba.gov/#/

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There is no question that our economy is struggling and therefore our businesses are struggling, and I believe that it’s going to continue for a little while…. >> Read More

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