Fewer accidents. Younger drivers. More deliveries. Fewer deaths. The autonomous truck industry is moving full steam ahead with their investment into driverless trucks. While many in the transportation industry are predicting the end of the truck driver era as a we know it, one high tech company has something entirely different in mind.

Starsky Robotics has launched a new campaign titled “The future of driverless trucking is not driverless.” You can view the company’s new video by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article under ‘Related Resources:

Chief executive and co-founder, Stefan Seltz-Axmacher says “We are not eliminating drivers’ jobs. Instead, we are removing them from a truck to a safe and comfortable office where they utilize years of their long-haul trucking experience, but remain close to their families and go home between shifts.” Starsky plans to use the most qualified drivers to tele-operate their trucks for the first and last mile of the route. As the freight deliveries ramp up, remote drivers will monitor 10 to 30 trucks per hour.

The remote video cab is comprised of three monitors displaying six real-time camera feeds from the exterior of the truck. A video-game-like steering wheel allows for real-time control.

Watch CFF’s President, Matt Manero, deliver his video message to “Quit Bashing Truckers!” https://youtu.be/8J3f06bRjUU

The company announced it’s expanding its autonomous truck fleet by adding more over-the-road truck drivers. By 2020, Starsky is expected to hit 25 driverless trucks.

Fast Facts:

  • 1,300 truck drivers die in accidents every year on U.S. roads
  • A 240,000 truck driver shortage is expected by the year 2020
  • The turnover rate at large fleets averaged 89% in 2018
  • Some studies claim up to 70% reduction in crash frequency rates from driverless trucks

If you’d like to watch a Starsky self-driving cab experience in 360° video, you can watch it here: (tip: view on your mobile device for the best 360° experience) https://youtu.be/6HtOhbMSv5c

The Bottom Line:

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