WE DON'T DO ANYTHING FOR FREE - Commercial Fleet Financing
30 Aug


By Matt Manero

Don’t be fooled by the word FREE. Nothing in life is FREE. Until the end of this month, I’m giving away FREE copies of my ebook and audio book version of THE GRIT. But don’t think FREE means FREE…it never does.

Nothing was done for FREE regarding my book. The book took me time, effort, energy not just to write it, but to also offer to you for FREE. And it really isn’t FREE for you either. You have to take action to download it, and then read it. Your time and energy are not FREE, but if you put them to work in the right places, the rewards can be incredible.

YOUTUBE is FREE. But you have to load the website, take time to search for you want and then take your time to watch it. The videos are FREE, but the effort to get to then isn’t.  But think of the return. The dollar cost to watch videos on youtube is zero, but the return can be incredible. You can literally learn anything you want without spending a dollar out of your pocket. Every subject you could ever want to learn about lives on the platform. You can learn to play piano, hit a baseball better, skill up to be a master salesperson…all for FREE. But your effort will cost you.

Effort is never FREE. The effort it takes to make cold calls is never FREE. To jump in your car to see a potential client isn’t FREE. It costs you time, and time is the most precious thing we have.

Now is the greatest time in the history of America to take advantage of FREE stuff, but don’t think for a second that any of it is FREE. You can now skill up to become great at anything your heart desires and your out of pocket cost is zero. But your time, effort and energy is never FREE so choose wisely my friends. Be careful who you read, what you watch and who you listen too. In a world of FREE, search out the best. The proven one’s. The people who have done something at a level you want to do it at.

It is my hope that my book proves to you that getting it for FREE is just the start. Taking the time to download it, read or listen to it and then put the simple but powerful steps inside it are worth it. My effort to write it, promote it and now give it to you for FREE as been worth every cent of my time.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Matt Manero is the Founder and President of Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. (CFF) located in Dallas, TX. CFF is celebrating its 22nd year in business and provides financing for commercial fleet vehicles such as box trucks, cargo vans, big rigs, tow trucks, dump trucks and construction equipment. CFF is a 4-time winner of the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. Inc. Magazine Top 500/5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. Matt and his world class team has helped thousands of small business owners move closer to the money they deserve. He is the author of, “The Grit”, and his forthcoming book, “YOU NEED MORE MONEY” will be out in March 2018. Learn more at www.cffnationwide.com or call 972.247.8447 phone or on all social media platforms via @Matt Manero.