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DALLAS, TX, April 11, 2016 –As further proof that video content within the transportation industry is on everyone’s radar, CFFNATION.COM, the #1 online network specifically for the transportation industry has inked a content arrangement with Roku.com and AppleTV.  ROADGRIT.TV produces over 30 shows and hundreds of episodes and has created media cross over exposure for hosts such as Big John Dury aka “The Dancing Trucker” and Dr. Ish Major. Dury has become a spokesperson for Progressive Insurance – Commercial and Ish has become a reality star on WE.TV.  As part of the arrangement, CFFNATION.COM will change its name to ROADGRIT.TV and become a fixture channel on Roku.com and AppleTV.

“Video content that profiles the transportation industry has a huge global audience, and we are have been the pioneers as evidenced by our viewer growth.” Said Matt Manero, Founder of ROADGRIT.TV. “This content sharing arrangement with Roku.com and AppleTV, along with our name change provides a massive opportunity for the world to see our amazing content and give a perspective into the lives of hard working people in the transportation industry.  We expect to have over 100 shows and thousands of episodes by the end of 2016.  Our audience and the marketplace has a massive appetite for video, audio and webinars that cover topics like health, fitness, cooking, financing, insurance, repair and maintenance, and actual building of really cool stuff.  ROADGRIT.TV is now the premier network for transportation related content”

Started as a network to help truckers learn how to financing their big rigs, ROADGRIT.TV quickly took on a life of its own and began to create content connected to audience demand.  The content is created by individual hosts as well as within the ROADGRIT.TV production studios in Dallas, TX.  ROADGRIT.TV, in addition to having hundreds of video episodes, also produces podcasts for each episode. The podcasts are available on Itunes, Stitcher and on ROADGRIT.TV for the audience to listen to.


Created by a partnership between Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. (Dallas, TX) and 2MarketMedia (NYC), Roadgrit.TV has quickly become the premier online digital network that informs, educates and entertains the transportation industry.


Matt Manero, President
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Steve Carlis, co-founder
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