As a trucker, you’re in business for one reason only – to make money. It’s great to love what you do and find purpose in it and all of that. But let’s be real, the reason you hit the road and spend days away from your loved ones is so you can bring in the bucks.

Watch this humorous video of ‘Bob and his new cash Machine’: Volvo Trucks – The Cash Machine featuring Bob

So why not accurately calculate, project, forecast what you can expect to net in profits from your commercial truck or equipment purchases?

It’s common to play around with simple calculations to determine how much money you’ll make for hauling freight at a given price per mile.

Some may deduct estimated gasoline costs and other random expenses that come to mind but still fall short of getting all the real costs factored into their equations. Over simplifying this can lead to serious disappointment when you fully execute on half-baked projections.

That’s why CFF built the Budget Builder Calculator Tool.

With it, you can project more realistic profit margins based on the commercial equipment and trucks you are considering for purchase. When you have more accurate numbers, your purchase of a commercial truck becomes a logical, wise investment based on real factors.

Factors to Include in Your Profit Calculations

Monthly Revenue of Equipment – First, let’s start with your monthly revenue the truck or equipment in question should generate. Let’s take $20,000 as your monthly top-line revenue projection.

How To Use The Budget Builder Video

Monthly Payment – From there, using the Budget Builder Tool, you’ll simply enter the monthly payment on the equipment into the next field.

Let’s say you purchase a used commercial truck for $75,000 and get a 60 month used truck loan. This will put your monthly payment at about $1,600 a month. That’s the number you’d enter in the next field.

Monthly Labor Cost [Driver, etc.] – Next, you need to simply enter your estimated labor costs into the appropriate field. So, let’s say you think you’ll pay a rounded up number of $5,000 a month in labor costs. You’d just enter that number in the field.

Monthly Fuel Cost – The next big expense that must be factored in to operating commercial trucks and equipment is fuel costs.

Let’s say, for the sake of the example, that cost is $2,000 a month. You just need to enter that number into the marked field.

Monthly Insurance Cost – In light of rising insurance costs, I think people most often under-estimate the present-day cost of insurance.

So, we’ll use a number of $800 for the sake of this example, but you should get an accurate quote of the cost of insurance on that vehicle or equipment in this environment of rising costs.

Then, just enter that number into the field provided.

Miscellaneous Account [Repair, Maintenance] – It’s common for people to fail to enter a realistic number into this area, if they enter a number at all! In the case of this example, at $75K for the used truck, likely you’ll be looking at a regular repair bill. So, let’s add in $1,000 a month here.

Once all fields have your numbers plugged in, you just click “Calculate” and the Tool does gives you a Potential Monthly Profit number!

In the case of the numbers presented here, the Profit is $9,600.

“It’s a wonderful life Charlie Brown!”

Now, you can start to play with the numbers to see what would happen if you shortened the loan term from 60 months to, say, 48 months. This would give  you equity faster, you pay less interest and own the asset outright faster. So, if it doesn’t hurt your profit margin that much, is it worth it to shorten the loan term?

That’s the kind of questions you should be asking and the kind of questions the Budget Builder Tool helps you answer!

That’s putting on your ‘CFO hat’ and calculating your way to wealth faster.

Try the Budget Builder Tool by clicking the link below.

When To Use the Budget Builder Tool

There are several scenarios where you should use the Budget Builder Tool, which are outlined below.

  • Before Buying a Commercial Truck or Equipment
  • When Considering an Upgrade
  • When A New Contract Requires the Purchase of More Equipment
  • When You Want to See the Impact of Changing Your Prices or Services


Calculating your profit projections as accurately as possible is critical to making the most strategic truck and/or equipment purchases for your company. And there’s more to calculating your profit projects than just plugging in a few top-of-mind numbers.

That’s why you need to put on your CFO hat when making investments, such as equipment purchases, into your business and use the Budget Builder Tool to build wealth faster through your trucking operation.

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Calculate Your Tax Savings

For those of you who are ready to buy a commercial truck or piece of equipment now and put your new purchase into service this year, Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying commercial trucks and equipment designed to save small to medium sized truckers, owner-operators, and businesses money! Learn more about Section 179 here.

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