Medium Duty Trucks Still Cranking Out!

The semiconductor chip shortage has crippled global automotive production, putting a screeching stop to truck production over the last couple of months. Ford took the most significant hit in the U.S., slowing the production of thousands of vehicles at many assembly plants. However, new data is showing some good news. The automotive research and analysis firm IHS Markit says that Ford’s medium-duty truck production is still cranking out lots of trucks even amid a chip shortage.

What’s Happening With Ford’s Medium Duty Trucks

IHS described that the following assembly plants relaxed production over the past few months: Ford E-Series at the Ford Ohio Assembly Plant and Ford’s Detroit Chassis Plant and the manufacturing of F53/F59 step-van and motorhome chassis. Even the light-duty Ford F-150 faced production challenges in 2021.

Surprisingly, the Ford F-450, F-550, F-600, F-650, and F-750 have all remained in production at the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant and Ohio Assembly Plant with no massive interruptions, according to IHS. These vehicles rolled off production lines because they require different components that are not in short supply.]

When it comes down to statistics, medium- and heavy-duty truck production decreased three percent through the first half of 2021. On a bright note, sales are projected to jump up around eight percent to close out the year.

Upfitting Your Truck Without the Stress

As your truck is the lifeline of your business, it needs specialized equipment to accomplish specific jobs and meet your business needs. Suppose you are looking for a new medium truck with specific features or capabilities. In that case, you’ll likely only find standard base models on the lots that won’t fit any necessary requirements, such as more storage, improved drivability, maximized usability and equipment protection, and increased driver access, to name a few. To build a more specialized or customized vehicle that meets industry specifications and optimizes your truck’s capabilities, the truck will need to be fitted with the required products.

Demand outpacing supply isn’t the only challenge at hand. Specifying customizations for your medium-duty trucks can be overwhelming. The best solution is to figure out what type of work your vehicle will need to handle and the equipment it will need to fulfill that role. Working with experts in the industry who understand your business goals and unique needs, like Commercial Fleet Financing (CFF), makes the upfit process easier and maximizes your truck’s performance.

Financing Options to Lighten the Load

More importantly, CFF will not only finance the trucks, but most importantly, we’ll finance the truck with any upfit you need. CFF clients count on us when upfitting a truck or van, as they’re hoping to finance the entire purchase. Instead of paying out of pocket for the customizations, plus a down payment on the vehicle, CFF can fund it all for you. Keep your cash for other business priorities.

With customer service like this, it’s no wonder CFF is the number one light/medium duty fleet financing company in the U.S. Credit approval happens in two hours and loan or lease funds delivered in as little as 24 hours. We provide zero-money-down options and the most flexible terms in the industry. Learn more about how we can help you with truck upfits.

Upgraded fleets are driven by happier, productive workers who have the right equipment to get the job done. Upfitting your new truck doesn’t need to be a headache. See it as an opportunity to enhance the power of your new truck and develop your fleet and business.

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