When I started my business, Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. 22 years ago, I had no money, no clients and no contacts. I’m sure it was or maybe is the same for you and we can both agree it can be a lonely road. For me, it was the only road I knew. I couldn’t trust anyone and I had to control everything. The road to success had to be hard and never easy, and those thoughts have cost me millions of dollars. As the most successful money makers know, none of that is true. What you need to do, as early in your career or business as you can, is to partner with people more successful than you.

That brings me to my experience with Grant Cardone and Cardone Capital. In 2013, after busting my butt for years, I had money, thousands of clients, but unfortunately, limited contacts. My network was too small, and I set out to change that. When I met Grant in Mexico, his message hit me like a brick. His book The 10X Rule gave me the fuel to go for even more success. To expand my business, expand my relationships, my contacts and my net worth. Within 12 months, Grant was educating me on the benefits of owning real estate – specifically apartment complexes.

I liked the idea of owning real estate, and owned my office building and had flipped houses in the past, but the returns on those deals never impressed me. In fact, they all took a tremendous amount of time and energy away from my core money making machine, CFF. When Grant and I talked about the opportunity for me to invest in Cardone Capital my ears perked up. I wanted to put money to work outside of CFF, but I didn’t want to take the time and energy to find deals, find financing, find tenants, etc. I wanted to be part of that process, but I didn’t want to lead it. Partnering with Cardone Capital, provided me that perfect opportunity and I jumped at the chance.

You decide for yourself if partnering vs. leading your real estate portfolio fits your investment desires and style. For me, Cardone Capital was ideal, and has proven to be a great investment. I like getting my cash flow check each month, not to mention the long-term equity build up. But what I really like is what the power of partnering has taught me. I don’t have to control everything. I can trust others, to let them do what they do best, (in this case investing in apartment complexes) so that I can do what I do best, the financing of thousands more big rigs.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Matt Manero is the Founder and President of Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. (CFF) located in Dallas, TX. CFF is celebrating its 22st year in business and provides financing for commercial fleet vehicles such as box trucks, cargo vans, big rigs, tow trucks, dump trucks and construction equipment. CFF is a 4-time winner of Inc. Magazine Top 500/5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. Matt has helped thousands of small business owners move closer to the money they deserve. He is the author of, “The Grit”, and his forthcoming book, “YOU NEED MORE MONEY” will be out in 2018. Learn more at www.cffnationwide.com or call 972.247.8447 phone or on all social media platforms via @Matt Manero.