By Matt Manero

Not everyone realizes what I am about to say… some of us are actually surround by the enemy and our success is suffering because of it.

Let me paint the picture for you… you busted your butt all week for your family and are pleased with your efforts. You made the extra calls, client visits, and generated big time business. On the way home you give yourself a pat on the back and think to yourself “good job”! Next, you walk in the door later than you had planned. It’s Friday night and you’re excited to reconnect with your family after a long week. You expect to arrive home and be adored like a providing caveman who hunted, killed and returned home with fresh meat, but what happens next? Your significant other gives you the cold shoulder. No warm welcome, no big kiss, no hanky panky to celebrate. Just a minimal effort to say “hello”, then the silent treatment. When you finally get them talking, all you hear is; “you aren’t around much”, “I have to handle everything while you are off doing your own thing.” They finish with the ultimate insult for us top earning cavemen…”you are so selfish!” Selfish? “I have been killing myself working those long hours to provide the best life for our family. Selfish would be spending the day on the links with my pals, instead I’m working my ass off to provide for you and our children”, you think to yourself.

Sound familiar? I’m sorry if it does because I hate to break it to you, BUT if you are EVER going to reach your full potential in business you need the people around you supporting you 100% of the time. Success at the highest level is a team effort. Your team is your family, co-workers, and friends. You must surround yourself with people who have the same goals, dreams, and yearning to succeed as badly as you do. If you don’t, your mission for success will feel like you are constantly pushing a massive rock up hill and never getting any closer to the top. Most people eventually quit and accept a life that is less than what they are fully capable of achieving.

Here are 4 quick tips to help you get your team on the same page:

1. Conduct weekly family meetings. Every week in my house, my wife and I sit with our 3 boys and we have a Manero Family Meeting. We talk about what we are proud of for the past week, what our financial situation is and what we are dreaming about. The entire meeting takes 15-20 minutes and each and every time, we are a better family unit at the end.

2. Have common goals and dreams. Write down your dreams and ask your significant other to do the same. Then trade papers and read them out loud. When you read them, don’t judge, just read. Find 1-2 goals and dreams that you have in common and work to accomplish them as quickly as you can. Once you accomplish them, you will be amazed at how more common goals and dreams begin to develop.

3. Listen more / talk less – just shut up and listen. Most of the time, your significant has tried to tell you what they really want. But you then talked over them or shut them down. This time, shut up and listen. You might even want to say, “I love that idea, thanks for sharing it with me.”

4. Celebrate successes – regardless of the size of the accomplishment, if your family succeeded in something, celebrate it. Don’t go to a big fancy steak dinner with your last $200, just pick a quick and easy way to celebrate. Trust me…celebrating the small victories will quickly lead to celebrating the big ones.
When it comes to your team at home, never settle…lead, inspire, motivate, connect with them.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Matt Manero is happily married to his wife Rokki of 17 years and lives in Dallas, TX. He is the Founder and President of Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. (CFF) and located in Dallas, TX. CFF is celebrating its 20th year in business and provides financing for commercial fleet vehicles such as box trucks, cargo vans, big rigs, tow trucks, dump trucks and construction equipment. CFF is a two time winner of the prestigious Inc. 500/5000 fastest growing private companies in America. Manero is also the author of “The Grit, The only thing you need to make millions” and weekly radio show host of “The Grit” on his online digital network and Learn more at,, or call 972.247.8447 phone.


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