Oops, he did it again. Listen, whether you like or dislike Trump, it doesn’t matter today because he did do something great for business.

Welcome to Monday transportation in minutes. The United States, Mexico, Canada agreement, USMCA passed in the house and the Senate and Trump’s going to sign it, and that’s good for American business owners. That means that if you’re on the border, you’re going to get prosperity coming into your direction. If you haul auto parts or refrigerators or things that are manufactured in Mexico, it’s going to be good for you. Amazing to me that despite all the stuff that’s going on, he was able to get bipartisan support for the U S MCA agreement. It’s amazing. Despite getting impeached, look, don’t bet against yourself. Don’t ask for things that impact you to the negative. Let’s be positive on this one. If we’re in business, which is why you’re watching, we want things to make it easier for us to be successful in business and make more money, and USMCA is one of those things. Stick around for the bonus tip.

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