Is it possible that truckload rates could spike as much as 30% in 2020? One major financial services firm says it is possible. It is possible that truckload spot rates could increase up to 30% in 2020 if you believe a new report that just came out from financial service Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley issued a report and we found it on Freightwaves. Thank you, Freightwaves. We love your content and your information.

There are five factors that Morgan Stanley cites in their report that make 2020 far more positive than 2019 if you believe what they’re talking about. There are five items. Here are the five reasons that 2020 might be a damn good year for trucking.

1. The ELD mandates that happened.

2.The spike in insurance rates. What’s it going to do to capacity and put more stress on other truckloads?

3. The drug testing and alcohol testing that’s taken place.

4. The emissions requirements that are going on in certain sectors of the transportation industry.

5. California AB5, which we’ve already talked about here:

If these five circumstances happen, Morgan Stanley says, to quote, “That it is possible that these mandates could cause truckload spot rates to spike 30% and contract rates moving 15 to 20% higher.” Oh, man. Wouldn’t that be nice? Some good news in the transportation industry and particularly in the trucking industry in 2020? Come on, man.

We could use some good news. So, don’t shoot the messenger if you don’t like the report. Hell, don’t shoot me if you don’t like the report. We’re just trying to find some good news for trucking in 2020, and I think we may have found some of this. I actually agree with what they’re talking about. Heck. We’re expanding our offices here at Commercial Fleet to take advantage of what we think 2020/2021 are going to be good years. Couldn’t get much worse than it did in 2019, could it?

Look, we all survived. Well, not everybody survived. The ones that know how to stick to their knitting, that know how to chop wood, that know how to block and tackle, that do the fundamentals of trucking and transportation right survived 2019 and will thrive in 2020. We’re going to put a link to the report from Morgan Stanley in this post, so you guys can read the report yourself. Read the full article here: 

It’s quick. Again, thank you, Freightwaves, for the great content you pushed out, which is where we found this report. We want you guys to, as we come close to the end of 2019, we want you to recognize that it wasn’t great, but we made it. We got through it. Now, it’s time to thrive.

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We appreciate you.