We’re always looking for good economic news that benefit the trucking industry. And we’ve got some for you on this episode.

Welcome to Monday Transportation in Minutes. We’re always looking for good news that helps support the transportation industry. And we found some. It comes from Love’s Truck Stops. Love’s has said that they’re going to build 40 new stores. Listen, no company builds 40 stores unless they believe that the industry is going to improve and that there’s underlying strength. So we believe that Love’s decision to open up 40 stores in 2020 is a good show of strength for the transportation industry. That’s more than the expansion than they did in 2018 and 2019, but here’s the payoff. They also will open up 3000 more overnight parking spots. It’s one way to take the bite out of the parking spot shortage that plagues the trucking industry. So we’re giving a shout out to Love’s here for their decision to go ahead and expand in the industry in 2020 and show strength to all of us and also to open up 3000 more parking spots. We’ll see y’all down the road.

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