Who’s got my money in 2020?? We’ve got a unique episode today that’s going to help you understand what are the highest paying positions that may actually need fleet vehicles.

What are the highest paying positions in the construction and transportation industry?

Welcome to Monday Transportation and Minutes. I love that our team put this topic together today. I think this one’s great. It’s what are the highest paying positions in the construction and transportation industry that might actually require the use of fleet vehicles.

So here they are, the top five:

1. Construction Managers – The guys that manage the construction site can make up the $93,370 and we love financing those F-250 Platinums that they use to get to and from the job sites.

2. Elevator Installer & Repairers – Very unique and didn’t expect to see this, but elevator installers and repairers on average can make $79,780 a year and somebody’s got to deliver those elevators.

3. Landscaping Architect. How do we want the hotel landscaping to look or the construction site or heck, maybe even your backyard. You go hire a Landscape Architect and those guys can average $68,230 a year.

4. Pile-driver Operators. Guys that are putting in docks for boats or shipping yards or even in the oil field industry where they’re drilling down and putting in new pipes. The average guy there can make $63,770 in 2020

5. Electrician. Now he’s got to get to the job site in an F-150 or maybe a cargo van or maybe a little box truck, but that cat, especially if they’re a master electrician, can make $55,190 a year.

Those are the top five paying jobs in construction and transportation that just might need a fleet vehicle to get to and from the job.

CFF Bonus Tip

Thanks for reading thus far. Here is this week’s bonus tip and it does have a little bit of a somber feel to it because we’ve talked about this nuclear verdict aspect that’s beginning to happen a lot in the transportation industry and just last week we had another nuclear verdict that actually put out a trucking company, and, unfortunately, it was on very unfortunate circumstances and there was a death and some very serious injuries.

So we thought on today’s bonus tip, we would help you with four methods, strategies, tactics that you can put in at your business that can help mitigate against not only the loss of life and an injury but also for nuclear verdicts.

Avoid these nuclear verdicts that are popping up all over the place.

So the four begin with:

Number one being dash cams. You need to record what’s going on. We understand the privacy aspect, we understand that drivers don’t necessarily like it, but with these nuclear verdicts popping up and for the amounts that they’re popping up and what the catastrophic damages that’s happening when they’re issued, we highly suggest dash cams as a way to mitigate.

The second thing is the collision avoidance systems. How do we use some an AI, some artificial intelligence to help our drivers be more aware of the road and potentially avoid some problems?

The third is anti-fatigue technology. We know that fatigue is an issue on the road. So if you install some technology that might help keep the drivers awake and energized and feeling focus that maybe long term, very beneficial for you.

And the last, and this never goes away, is trucking training and onboarding solutions. How do we make sure that our team, our staff, our drivers, our people are highly, highly skilled and highly trained. We have to have a training and onboarding solution that we are rigid too and we stick to and we’re compliant too. And that it’s been tested in the marketplace that it might actually, if you put your people through it, help you avoid these nuclear verdicts that are popping up all over the place.

You should go back and watch one of the previous episodes of Monday Transportation in Minutes where we explore this in very long detail.

So those are the four bonus tips that we have for you under the umbrella of a single bonus tip, and we’ll see you all down the road.

We’ll see you down the road!

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