There’s an incredible book that was written called Good To Great by Jim Collins. Today we apply Good To Great on how you can pick up better drivers.

Welcome to Monday Transportation in Minutes. The book is called Good to Great. The author is Jim Collins. Everyone should go out and get it. He gives example after example of how companies went from being good companies to being great companies. So we thought we would apply how you can go from a good company to a great company and we believe the number one way is to develop strategy to improve the drivers that drive for you. How do you recruit them? How do you manage them? How do you maybe even fire them? Here are four tips that you need right away.

The first thing you need to think about is the quality of life that you provide to your drivers. How long are they away from their home and therefore away from their families? You got to figure this out. How do we get drivers off the road so they can enjoy a quality of life? It’s the biggest struggle that you have, but I don’t want to tell you anything you already know. I just want to remind you that if you can do that better than other companies. You will become a great company.

The second thing is what type of equipment are you providing? I mean, are there backs getting thrown out because the stuff is so old? Are they just getting rocked as they go down the road? You need new recruitment, better technology, more comfort, better fuel efficiency for yourselves to recruit the best drivers.

The third thing that you have to work on is what does it look like when they’re on the road for them? Do you have a way for them to get good parking facilities? Can their life be a little bit easier when they do the job that is required of them?

And the fourth piece that means so much is how much are they going to get paid? Do you have a consistent and reliable compensation program that they can count on so they can go back to their families and say, I know I’ve been gone for 10 days, but here’s what you got. Here’s what we as a family made. Try these four things as reminders in 2020 and get this company that you’ve worked so hard to build from. Good to great. Stick around for our bonus tip.

Thanks for watching. Here’s your bonus tip. It comes from a company called Edge Logistics, who just this year in 2020, have launched a new program, a new platform for freight matching. It’s called Capacity. You can look them up at Edge Logistics and the reason we bring it to you is because we want to help you find better freight. Any option that you have to put better high paying, better routed freight on your trucks, help you run a better business, make more money, and fix the problem that we talked about in this episode, which is how do we get our companies from good to great by focusing on our drivers. So we hope this platform helps you. We’ll see you down the road.

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