AB5 Injunction – A Victory For Truck Drivers?

Boom, the mic just dropped on AB five in California. Thumbs up to the trucking industry.

Welcome to Monday Transportation and minutes. The mic did drop on the state of California is issuance of AB5. The trucking community got what we finally wanted because we spoke up and we said, we don’t think this AB5 rule makes sense. And the state of California said, you know what? We kind of agree. So let’s issue a temporary injunction and let’s think this thing through. It’s one of the rare times where truckers were able to speak up in masses, get heard, and regulation did something about it. So we have a temporary injunction in California against AB5 that’s going to wake up other States who were thinking about adopting it and saying, maybe we should rethink this thing. That’s good. So now let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that it moves to a preliminary injunction and who knows, maybe the voices and the trucking industry really get heard and it goes to a permanent injunction on AB5. Good stuff.

Stick around for our bonus tip.

Today’s bonus tip is about a really cool invention that spurred from a trucker, someone who’s boots on the ground, said, we’ve got a problem with brakes freezing up and potentially causing even Jack knives, which caused accidents and maybe even deaths. Congratulations to Bob Allen, who invented the Brake Releaser product, and it’s now being manufactured by Milton industries. It’s 300 and some odd dollars, and everyone in trucking should think about getting it. It’s a great add-in to the brake system, which helps against frozen breaks in cold weather, and because of that, the reduction of jackknifing. Congratulations, Bob Allen. Congratulations Milton industries. Go look at Brake Releaser and get yourself one.