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When it comes to financing your fleet of semi-trucks, CFF makes it so easy.

As we like to say at CFF” as you grow, we grow” and we love to help our clients grow their fleets of semi-trucks.  Since our inception in 1995, we have helped thousands of transportation companies start small and grow.  As you know, growing your fleet has many benefits, but we want to remind of just a few.

  • Increased revenue:  As your fleet grows, so does your top and bottom lines.  More trucks mean more income.  Don’t forget to use our FREE BUDGET BUILDER TOOL, to help you determine just how much revenue and profit you can generate from each truck.
  • Increased efficiency:  A fleet of trucks can help you increase efficiency in your business operations.  You can coordinate multiple deliveries at once and optimize your routes to reduce your travel time and fuel costs.
  • Better customer service:  With a fleet of trucks, you can offer faster and more reliable service to your customers.  You can also offer more flexible delivery options and faster delivery times.
  • Greater control: Owning a fleet of trucks gives you greater control over your business operations.  You can manage your delivery schedules and repair and maintenance of your vehicles the way YOU want to.
  • Economies of scale:  When you grow your fleet size, you can achieve economies of scale.  You can negotiate better rates on fuel, parts, and repairs.
  • Achieve your dreams:  CFF is in business to help our clients reach their full potential.  You have dreamed of building a big fleet, let us help you turn your dream into a reality!

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