Welcome to The Scale With Speed Podcast. I’m Matt Manero in the studio, of course, I am with Judge Graham and a special guest today. What’s up boys! Judge’s trainer Mitch!

Buddy. Yeah. Easy, we’re lifting bros. That’s all it is.

Dude, you changed his body from what we’re trying. We’re trying, but he’s putting in the effort too, you know, that sound gun Judge ran three miles a day for months before he connected with you. The bigger man than me. I’m not running three miles, dude. He did it. He did every freaking day. Did it, man. I mean, it was unbelievable, Judge, how you just, you made the decision and you just started freaking running. And at first, it wasn’t always running. Right? It was just, sometimes it was a run-walk. It was whatever. But you did every freaking man. It’s tough. What was the, what, what, what jumped into your head? Cause, by the way, gang today, we’re talking about the fitness of business or the business of fitness and why fitness matters to be able to scale with speed and be dialed in on, on your focus and your discipline and your thought pattern. But Judge, what flipped the switch for you that said today is the day that I’m going to change?

Well, I think I’m still in that process. Right? I don’t think that ever, you know, um, and I think we’re talking about the fitness of business. I think successful people in life, no matter whether it’s fitness or business, it’s, it’s never, the change is always right. But I think for me was just the stress level of blood pressure and you know, needed to get that, that release. And uh, I think the running started cause I had some buddies that were doing it and I was starting to see, you know, skin color and then better. And um, you know, I wanted some, some, uh, headspace to write, to get out there and just, just run and do that. So I think that’s that started it.

But Mitch, you, you have a unique way of working out for yourself and, and with the people that you work out with, then you train, right. I mean, you, you have this little

Different, a little different. So I’m a, I kind of take that, that attitude of, of alpha males, alpha females do alpha male alpha female things. Um, and for me, it’s heavy lifting and heavy is relative right? To what, what your strengths numbers are heavy. It’ll get there. Right. Um, because I know, and we know scientifically that that weight training and significant weight training has huge, pays huge dividends on hormone balance on stress reduction, on sleep, on sex calorie burn. Of course. Yeah. All those things, you know, by building more muscle, uh, your body composition, huge deal right now. Right. If you’re going to be, if I’m working with an executive, I need them to, to own the room. I need to look like an executive and his complexion in his attitude, the whole thing in his, yeah. I need some traps, not right. We need all those things, uh, male or female. Right. We still want to have that look. But at the same time, we want to burn the calories we need to, to balance out blood pressure, all those things. So, there’s an interesting way that I like to weave it all.

Yeah. But you do it through, I mean, you have two schools of thought, not trying to, um, summarize it. Cause I know it’s somewhat complicated, but I mean, you like this, this sort of Russian technical-scientific version of working out.

Yeah. So I am a, um, I’m, I’m a Westside barbell certified special strength coach. So it’s a lot of words. Yeah. Judge has. I’ve got them on the juice here. Um, not the steroids, the steroids, uh, but that science is, is a combination of lifting methods, right? There’s max effort lifting, which is where we really, we go nasty and we go heavy. Um, sometimes we do explosion work and even if they’re not an athlete, I want them to be able to jump on a box. I want them to move fast when kettlebells, and then there’s also some repetition method lifting where we bodybuilder. Right. We pack on meat, we pack on muscle, the meat suit, we make that big. And so we constantly work on those things. There’s never this block of this and then this, and then this, we never have to de-load him. We can just go and go and go. Um, and we just continually get stronger and get better. Yeah.

What I love about it and you know, I’m actually, Mitch has spent the time with me today because there’s an opportunity for him. I believe to make a ton of money in getting a niche. Right. And you know, he keeps saying alpha male for female, I’m saying he needs to go alpha male executive, like, you know, and he needs to own, this niche. Right. And it may be, feel whatever it ends up being. But what’s cool about this for me is the speed of it. Right. I mean, it’s, I mean, you know, I don’t like to, like, I get bored fast. I mean, when we get there, I know it’s going to be brutal, but that hour flies and it’s, it’s, it’s like heavy, controlled, great form circuit training, like just right. So like if, if, uh, and I love Dan, but if Dan was to work out with Mitch, it’d be a different whole deal.

Well, because there’s a real cardio element to what you’re doing too.

No, it’s 654 CA all I did today was legs and I burned 654 calories in an hour. Yeah.

And the cardio is in the lifting. Right. It’s not on the treadmill and there’s nothing wrong with boot camps or whatever it may be. Right. Everyone has there, there, the juice they drink, but I want to get the cardio in the lift. Yeah. So, we hit two birds or multiple birds with one stone. Right. We’re moving weight. Our lungs are burning, building muscle tech, tech, tech, tech, tech. We can get it done quickly.

Yeah. We do. When I work out with Dan because Dan is a bodybuilder. And so we, we primarily do bodybuilder stuff,

Very different, very different and not bad or good orbit different, just different.

Yeah. But, uh, it depends, I guess. And you know, we always talk about this at burning the ships, right. What is the end game? Correct. And most people, I think when it comes to working out don’t understand the end game. Right. Like, I didn’t even know. I never, when I started working, I lost 50 pounds. Uh, two years ago I started on October 22nd. And by my birthday, February 28th, I was down 50. And the biggest thing I took away from those two things first is I should have gone for more than 51 enough. Yeah. Why not? I just thought 50 was going to make a bigger difference, you know? Because you get false positives. You’re like, Oh, there’s no 50 [inaudible] right. I didn’t realize that you know, I probably could have done a hundred. Right. So that was the first thing.

But the second thing was, man, I didn’t, I didn’t realize the visualization packed. I love that you brought it up today and this is, I guess, part of the business of fitness, did you gotta look better? Correct. You gotta look like the free and I don’t want to use the term, the baller, but the suit needs to fit better, man, the shirt needs to fit better. The neck needs to be able to close and be buttoned for the top, you know? Right. Yep. And, and I know that it is, there’s this movement where everybody wants to look like Zuckerberg and, and there’s a place for that. Sure. But let me tell you, some, you show up in a fitted three-piece suit, everybody says, and you look good in it. Oh, that kind of looks sharp. What you always dress is great impeccably.

Yeah. And it, and again, I don’t, you know, I’m not a suit guy, but I think this idea of getting back to fitness or the business of fitness, when you look at high performing CEOs, male, female, whatever, there’s, there’s a trend there. Right? I mean, they’re not obese typically. I mean, they’re there, I think there’s fewer that are obese than not right. I mean, in, in, they have the charisma and they can carry it. Right. It’d be, if you’re, it’s just by nature, dude, if you feel better, you believe you look better. Right. Whether somebody else does or not, your confidence is just at a different level. Right? Your stamina, your ability to lead your ability to, to think, right. I mean the fitness to me, you know, looking back and I had zero during my journey that five years, I just didn’t have time. I mean, you can’t say that, but I, I don’t feel like I had time, but dude, if I was in better shape, I would have performed better, even better. I just think it’s a critical element of a scale that during my real process of scale, I didn’t do. But now I’m learning more, the importance of it.

Mitch, let me ask you this. Have you for, for all the people that you’ve helped get into good shape. I think people, maybe it was just me, but I think a lot of people say, um, Oh. If I look too good. Oh my God. All right. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with it if I wrote back. And then I think there’s the reverse that happens. Have you seen people get more humble because they know of the work they put in and the discipline, it requires that that ego kind of begins to go away a little bit?

I think it’s one of the, again, one of the things that you can’t, you can’t write it down, you can’t measure it. It’s the, you, especially for, I say high-performing individuals, but anyone to do hard things all the time, massively humbling. You know, when I put the judge when I put the, on the bell squat and he’s got to walk for two minutes, it doesn’t matter what he does. It’s hell on earth to walk on that thing. [inaudible] so

Tell me, tell me the machine. The belt was, so

It’s an athletic training platform. And so it’s kind of, uh, instead of thinking about squatting, when you put a bar on your back, you’ve got compression on the spine, right? So we don’t want that. This has a belt that hooks on and decompresses the spine. So it’s pulling down and then there’s a myriad of things we can do in it. We walk in it, we squat. There are tons of things you can do. But for all of my clothes, I can, if I want to, um, it’s a cable I can do. I can create all kinds of hell on that. But the great thing is when I get guys girls that are, Ooh, I just, I have a bad back, Oh, I have this. I say excuses, but I mean, some are valid. I can put them on that and there’s no escaping it cause I’m not doing anything to hurt you. And now you just have to, you gotta pay the man. Um, and so it’s a great tool that I use, but it’s one of those things where you can’t escape the fact that it’s the freaking heart. And I think that’s a huge piece for your executives, your doctors, lawyers that are generally the man, the woman, get in there, get your kicks a little while. And then you come out rate of, you know, take on tigers. Yeah.

I mean, I think it’s the same, the same principles are like, you want to win, comma, business, comma, relationship, comma, fitness, comma, life, the results happen in the work. Yeah. Okay. Write that in the comments. The results happen in the work. And I think all of us guys like I don’t, you know, it takes all it takes any one of those buckets in everybody should be striving to win and all of them, okay. They all take work. And more importantly than the work, it’s the consistent right that you do. It’s this it’s the rhythmic,

You know, which can be counter to what a type of person wants. It’s gotta be fast. It needs to be a little bit of chaos and all that sort of no.

How do I lose weight in 30 days? I don’t know. I have no idea. I don’t know how I can tell you. You got to quit eating. There’s a whole other problem that goes with that.

Right. Hey, that’s a good point though. Um, I mean, what’s your, what’s your percentage of nutrition versus the workout, right? Is it, is it well, at least with me right now,

We haven’t gotten, so I always, I think a lot of people that want to train one, they’re busy. So let’s stick with that. That high-performing individual they’re busy. So I think to bring in the idea and go, Hey, we’re going to fix this and this and this. We’re going to go on your nutrition. It’s too easy to be like, ah, I double bird it’s too much. So like with the judge, we just got him in. Let’s just get moving, let’s get, let’s start the rhythm. Right. And so we did some simple bodybuilding stuff and then we rolled into the more conjugating stuff that I dug. And I think there’s a huge dividend. We haven’t even touched on the nutrition because I got to see what the hell he can do. How does he eat? What does he, you know, we incorporate the whoop band. How does he recover? How does he do all these things? We’ll do it

Drinking one to two drinks a night just to chill. Right? It’s taking the edge off. Yeah. You know, one to two, don’t take that job more like six. So, but you know, knowing I have to get up at five or six and then go hit it hard for an hour and a half. I think by default, at least maybe not full nutrition is kicked in, but sure. The drinking right in, in, in the drinking plays a big factor in it.

That’s humility too though, dude, because the first couple of times you’re like, oh, I can do it. Nothing’s going to change. I’m just going to go. And then you get your beat and you’re like, Oh wait a minute. This is a factor in the pain. So I’m going to get rid of that contributing factor

Compounds. Right? I’m too, I can fight through it today. Tomorrow. Feel more like the next day. It just, it doesn’t, the body doesn’t care. What you think it’s gonna, it’s gonna adapt to what, you know what you’re doing.

But judge, you’re pretty far down on this though. I mean, you started with running, then you went to Mitch, and then, the part that worried me in your fitness journey is you got sick. And I w you know, that can derail a lot of people, man, you know, but it didn’t you, once you got better, what we for about a week or so, and then you got back in it and that was, I think there was a big threshold moment that you should give yourself.

I can tell everybody right now. Um, and, and what is it? It’s 22 days to form a habit. It’s like one day to break it. Yeah, that dude, it, it, it is so easy to just stop, you know? And so, I think it takes that discipline in. I think what’s great about Mitch and me is there’s some accountability there. Right? I think if you have accountability, it’s a huge piece. Right? I don’t want to disappoint him. He doesn’t want to disappoint when, and I sent you a picture, every debt, right. Now it’s four days a week. Cause that’s what we do. But I know that if I don’t send Mitch like you always see me every day. I took the picture. I’m Cindy. Not because I’m like, I got to send out a picture. Yeah. Right. And that, that also helps. But, but I think you can get off fast, dude. Oh, You know, we’ll skip this week or man will, you know, dude, you got to just like a business.

Yeah. Mitch. I have the challenge though, of, um, like I, I need to be stimulated too in the conversation when I’m working out. If it’s just me, that’s different. Right. Because I’ll, I’ll find it on YouTube or whatever. But when I’m working out with somebody, like there has to be some, some engaging stimulation and or there can’t be anything. Like for example, I’ve had a lot of trainers. Sure. And um, a lot of them, I just, I couldn’t relate to them in that sidebar conversation, in the breaks and stuff, they were just talking about stuff that was keeping the frequency, not right for me. I don’t mean the intensity of the workout. Just the mental frequency of them talking about things, and I, you know, allowed all that to come into my mind for a long time. I, I felt that people, that there was the judgment factor you needed to repel judgment. All the sorts of listening. The reality is we operate in a frequency, of course, and the more people we can have in our sphere of influence in that frequency, the better we’re going to do. And when we have to create a range in the frequency, it slows us down, man. And I know that might come across as judgemental, but the reality is most people are dealing with people that don’t freaking stimulate.

So weird. When I got it, years ago, I owned a gym and whatever that is, and one of the guys taught me, you know, you’ve got to train and be a psychologist like a hairdresser. And to an extent, I guess I bought into that and kind of created that. But I kind of veer away from that. Now that’s the niche, right? And the talking of let’s, let’s go, let’s not deal around. I’m you’re paying me for a service, not to talk about the cards, talk about whatever it may be. We got to get to work and I hold you massively accountable. I use technology to say, this is what you did. We’re going to do this again in a month. Are you like, it’s right here. It’s in the numbers. You know, it’s on you at this point. I can’t, I can bring you to water. I can’t make you drink it. So let’s go,

Well, that’s the other thing that’s interesting about Mitch’s program. And we’re going to try to land the plane on a name and how it all comes today is there’s not a lot of time for talking, right? Because of the intensity and the frequency in the circuit, you’re having to count in your mind. Like, I’m always asking where we are like when we do something it’s, it’s four circuits, five, you know, five times doing the circuit, this one’s 25 reps. This one’s 10, this one’s 12. I mean, you’re just, okay, I’m onto the next one. This is 25. Holy. I heard that. Like, there’s not a lot of like, Hey, we’re going to go do, we’re going to do four sets of 15 on the bench. Check my text. Yeah,

Yeah, no, there was no time for that. No time for that. But I think the flip side, someone very new. It’s a little slower, right? If I just bring him in and Blitzkrieg them early, they’re never coming back. So when we talk about it, they’re not going to come back to me, cause I can’t, I’m either sore the next day or whatever. You have to prod them a little. But if, if they don’t have the technique or their backs, or they don’t have Hampshire, we have to fix those things before we can build the other thing, just like y’all’s business. If there’s one piece that’s junkie the whole engine’s not going to move. I got to fix this piece and then I can, I can build on it.

Well, don’t you think the judge’s competitive nature, you know, football and all that sort of stuff are huge. You’ve been able to reconnect to that. And you’re seeing that come back out and correct you

A hundred and I’ve worked with them, there’s a client slash buddy of mine. Now I’ve known him forever. Who’s an anesthesiologist who very much likes him? As I want, I want to be the absolute best I can be. And he dives deep into it. And that’s what we can do. Right. When that happens. It’s the, I got, I’m going to go Monday, maybe Thursday, maybe Wednesday. It just won’t work. It’s just, you talk about the rhythm. Consistency is King. Um, you know, what does the Jocko say? Right? Discipline is freedom.

It’s just constantly, constantly.

Even if I’m not, if Michael’s recovery is terrible, I gotta go Thursday. Now I’ll rely on the guy I’m working with to be smart, to draw, you know, drill me down a little. We might only go for half an hour, but you didn’t miss the day. We still did something that day.

What about smoking cigars? I’m a huge fan. I’m a huge fan. Now you don’t work out the next day. You know, did I feel it too? I do. If I smoke, I smoke two cigars in the afternoon the next day. Like I like it, but I don’t because then I’m stressed as. Like why do I, 24%? But it’ll start making you just make better decisions. Okay. What is that thing? So, uh, yeah, it’s called whoop. And by the way, when I looked at the graph from this morning’s workout, there was no, like through the whole thing, it didn’t look like there was a big drop for recovery. That heart rate stayed up.

But that goes with the pattern, right? That changes on Monday and Tuesday, Monday, Tuesday, a little different.

Yeah. Did you want it to look like this? I think, right? Yeah.

You want it to be up, but again, that depends on for me what I’m doing. There are days where you got to do that. And there are days where you have a different pattern. If you did that. If I train, like we did today, five days a week, he wouldn’t last. It just the the the system doesn’t do just at work. Yeah.

Six 54, six 54. But that’s, during that time, you’ll burn a boatload more because of the, because of the connection to the,

With the whoop, the strap is what it is. Um, and you see them everywhere. You’ll hit a button to start the workout and end the workout, but it’ll keep tracking at the end of his day. He can look at it and go, Hey, man, I burned 2,600 calories. Now we get into the diet thing. Did you eat it?

Yeah. I’ve already burned 2000 calories today. Now Mitch, last, last big topic. Because the one thing when I was losing

The weight, I didn’t realize. And they kept telling me, my guy kept telling me and telling me and telling me, I mean, I think that’s a big, big thing. And we see it all the time to try to re-relate this back to businesses. People we’ve been seated at burn the ships were people, they do their version of what we’re telling them, not the version of what we’re telling them. Right. And that happens in working out all the time. So he kept saying to me, dude, get more water. I’m like, well, how much water? It’s like, I need you to drink a gallon of water, him like a gallon. Come on, man. Like, right. Yeah. You need to, you need a gallon, two gallons. I mean, you did a lot of,

It’s a, it’s a, I’m not a nutritionist or, or, or any of that stuff. I think you do need a lot of water, but the question is, are you having too much in the sense, are you flushing out your electrolytes? Are we putting, if we just like water, are we putting some salt in there too, to make sure we have otherwise it’s going to flush it all out? So, but if you’re a bodybuilder, they’re trying to just constantly flush, right? So even then, those guys need to put a little salt in it, depending on where they are at the stage where they are like, you need to switch to Mitch, that’s a whole nother deal. Right. But you want to make sure you don’t flush all that out because then the ship sinks the other way. Now we’re hydrated per se, but I have no electrolytes.

So now we’ve got to train tomorrow. Well, I’m screwed. So there has to be balanced right on, on the hydration piece, on the car. You know, people want to go high protein. Well, easy there, uh, depending on what your goal is, right. We need to be here. We need to be there. So everything is fine-tuned. But I think to just do that blanket gallon, well, hang on a second. Let’s hold tight. Maybe we need to, again, if I just bring you a day, I want to go drink a gallon. You’re like, I’m out. I can’t do it. But if I get you doing, Hey, can you do a liter a day guarantee a leader for two weeks. Okay. Then we get there. Now I need you for a liter and a half. Yep.

Maybe when you were super dialed in, like, I was like, man, this is impressive, but I knew it wasn’t going to last. I mean, you were having to do, I mean, remember we were in the money lab all the time, that little thing. And I was like, I’m not gonna eat that. Like it was too. It was too much.

Yeah. But, but, but the result was what I wanted. Totally. And that therefore I didn’t care about it. It just wasn’t necessarily functional all, you know what sustainable, sustainable, uh, over, over a longer period. But, but that’s also a little bit of a way to look at it too, man. I mean, the reality is, do you have to go for what you want and you know, a little bit of pain. And one of the things I loved when I was doing that was how hungry. I know Mitch, I don’t know your stance on this, but I loved waking up hungry. That to me was firing off focus in my brain that I hadn’t felt in a long time

When depending on where you got with your nutrition, you could have been in a little bit of ketosis. So real clean, real clear. I don’t know what you’re doing, but yeah, there, it just depends.

It was deep in ketosis. I also love not having the inflammation, huge inflammation,

But then we roll into, depending on what the goal is, you can only be in that ketogenic state and lift a certain way. In my opinion, you need carbs. So where’s that balance. And I can keep doing this and I’m not at home where they’re having dinner. And I got to set up, I got to set this. I mean, that sucks. It’s not, you guys talk about this in business all the time. You guys went super hard early in your careers and just dialed in and dialed in one desk. I saw my wife. Sometimes it’s not sustainable. You, well, you could. But like, it just doesn’t last. It’s the same theory, right? What can we consistently do?

And what happened? [inaudible]

Sure. But most people are too soft on themselves when it comes to working outright.

Or business relationships, kids every day in the gym,

We can go a shitload harder than we give our bodies.

I mean, what does Goggin say at 40%, you know, that’s when the brain wants to shut down. Right? Um, I think men, for sure, men sometimes will go too much. I think the ladies, they really, they stop here at all. They stop here. I push them here. I’m trying to work with a female right now. That’s, you know, thinks she does a certain thing. And I’m like, no, no, you’re, you’re way down here. We got a long way to go. And it’s, you’re not going to enjoy it, but we got to fix these things.

Did the bodies, I mean, what was it? 90 days ago? I was, I benched one 80, and then last or this week it was like 304 press. Yeah. Yup. I mean, that’s fine. I was like, wow. I feel good about that. That’s big. All right. So this is the business of fitness. This one’s going pretty long, right? Yeah.

I just think that the takeaway is, I mean, you’re hearing it from, from an expert in two guys who are still on the journey and the reality is that it does, it matters. It matters. And, it matters in so many different ways. It matters in the discipline. It matters in the rhythmic. It matters inconsistency. It matters in the way you feel about yourself. It matters in humility. It matters how you look when you’re in there. I mean, you know, I used to walk in and say, man, this is a hundred dollar triple XL shirt. You know, the only thing I didn’t realize is no you’re fat in that a hundred dollars, triple extra shirt. That’s expensive fat. You’re the only guy in the room that doesn’t know it. Do you know? And that, that, that I don’t want to shortchange that. I think a lot of people get into false positives. We look better than we do look.

Hmm. I, I, listen, I tell my kids every morning to be the example. And I think if you’re leading a boardroom, you’re leading an Orr doctor’s office, whatever it is, you set the tone and you are the example. So if they see he drinks at

Night and sleep he’s, whatever it is. Well, well, you’re getting the picture right there. So set the example, be the example so that anyone else it’s like, well, I don’t have time. You can be like, no. I don’t have time, but I’m doing it. Same at work. Yeah. A hundred percent.

Well, Mitch, thanks for being with us, man. Thanks. We appreciate you jumping in and doing it. Judge. Congratulations on your continued success. Why, what do you see? You’re shortchanging it, dude. You’re accomplishing stuff. Maybe that’s another element of business too, is that maybe some people, I think people celebrate way too early in business as well. Right? I mean, you’re celebrating that doesn’t, that didn’t get you where you want to go. But I think in fitness, man, sometimes it is okay to sit back and say, you know, dude, whatever that was for you, judge, what was it? Probably eight, nine months ago when you started running. Yeah, probably. So. Yeah, dude, I remember that day. I was like, that is running again. I’m not right. This guy doesn’t miss me. And it came out of nowhere, dude. It was like one day, this, the switch flip for you, you know? So, um, and by the way, Mitch doesn’t have to be running. Right. You can just go on and walk.

No, I listen. Do something every day. I mean, you know, you see the ladies walking with the dumbbells. I mean, don’t I or guys, whoever you don’t on those people, they’re doing more than you’re doing. So go do something. You know, there’s plenty of options out there. Plenty of options.

All right, cool. We hope this was beneficial, right, judge. I mean we hope we hope it helps.

I think the big takeaway here is there’s a clear correlation, um, between success and business, personal life and fitness, right? There’s just, dude, if you feel better, you’re going to perform better. If you feel better, you’re going to be a better boss, a better husband, a better manager, right? If you look better, you’re going to have more confidence, right? You’re going to close more deals. You’re going to scale faster. You’re going to have more endurance to deal with what’s required that you’re going to get hit with, to, to, to, to weather the storm. So it’s a big deal, man. I mean, I think it’s the same. And then I think you just have to look at success, like see real successful people and you’re going to start connecting those dots. All right.

Well, hope you enjoyed it. Then, the business of fitness with judge and Matt and Mitch in the studio here on the Scale With Speed Podcast. Hey, December 10th and 11th, burn the ships.com Bootcamp. Just pay. Come on, leave the rest up to me And Judge. We’ll see y’all down the road.