Come to the Scale With Speed Podcast coming from the studio in Dallas, Texas, I’m Matt Manero with the Judge Graham. It is a great day in Texas. I heard the governor on a radio interview this morning with a guy named Mark Davis six 60 am. I never listened to the radio. Some reason I turned it on today, he was 2:00 AM six 60, which by the way, I used to listen to all the time, every one of those financial shows and all that stuff I used to listen to. Um, governor Abbott, the Texas governor says to Mark Davis all about Corona. He says, let me be crystal clear. There will be no lockdowns in Texas. I love Texas. Come on, man. He specifically said, let me be crystal clear. There will be no lockdowns in the state of Texas.

I love you gotta love Texas leading with common sense logic. He says they’re going to be seen here, right? Yeah. He said that they, the state of Texas bring to all hospitals, the Rez vented dryer or vented all the, the, the, that cocktail that Trump took and the vaccine, the vaccine will go everywhere in the state of Texas and Texas will not be locked down. Let’s go, right. Let’s go. Let me, dude, listen.

I had to go get ’em fingerprinted this morning for a license that a commercial fleet needs in California. And I was, there’s nothing worse that I hate than getting on the grid in California. Right? So for this license, I had to be fingerprinted. All the police stations are shut down for all that . Cause of COVID. Cynthia has to find me this one place.

I go to this building. I go up to the fifth floor, freaking lie to people, but I have 10 appointments. So I was able to get right in, right? They do the fingerprint. They print those up. I go downstairs to the little deli there to get a little breakfast dude. It was, it was so sad. This poor little lady is there trying to make it. She said, hopefully I got my breakfast and stuff like that. But I mean, you know, there was nobody there. The building has 50% less tenants. She said it was hard to make it at a hundred percent occupancy. She’s dying on the vine. She did not get the PPP money. She got turned down by the SEIDL money and the PP money. And her sister is a loan officer at the bank. And she tried three different times and she couldn’t get the money. I mean, what are we doing? Enough is enough. Let’s get back to freaking work, man. Let’s open this place up. The vaccine is here. The medicine is here where the mask is, if that’s what you gotta do, but let’s get the country open. Let’s go. I love your fight out because I’m fired up about this topic. Take away, baby. Let’s go. So Today’s topic is customer service, and I’m going to, I’m going to tell a story. Okay. And then, uh, all my, all the stories lately around the truck, Jimmy. And so those are listening to that, that, uh, that follows Matt and I, um, I’m a big truck guy in mats because pretty good truck guy, right? Yes. Judge, judge sent me a listing of a truck, said, here’s your new vehicle? Eight in the morning. I owned it by 10. So I love it. Oh, it is a bad truck. So my, my new truck, her name is business. And it’s because dude, when you, when I freaking pull up in this truck, there’s no question. It’s like, Oh, this guy’s about the business. This is a cat that likes, you know, it’s either going to go one way, No one drives a truck like this and they don’t care about that. Right. So just for context, I mean, this is the 20, 20 Ram mega cab, all black, uh, tires, wheels, 38 inch tires. I mean, just nasty. Right? So the customer service story around It is, um, I decided that the one I bought is a, it’s called a limited. And so the limited comes with what is a really nice upgraded feature mat. It’s the power running boards, right? They’re stealth or hidden. You open the door, the beautiful things come down. That’s a nice step and you get up. But remember, I’ve This transcript was exported on Nov 17, 2020 – view latest version here named this truck business and I wanted to look freaking Maine. So how do you make it look meaner? You get rid of those little elegant power boards and you get some nasty side steps, right? Some big black nasty side steps. So, um, I called this, this place it’s actually fairly close to here Wheel auto parts Hwy, we should also preface that. I mean, this truck has been in play for like four years. Oh dude.

That’s a different story. Yeah. So I, uh, I called this place for water parts, um, which has great customer service, by the way. We’ll, we’ll we’ll compare and they say, uh, yeah, no problem. Here. Here are the, uh, the, the boards you need to, uh, we’re gonna order that’ll fit. Great. Why don’t you come in? Cause I’m all about saving time and it was close. Come in and we need to order these. There’ll be here the next day or 48 hours, whatever it was, we’ll take yours off. And then when they come in, it’ll only take 30, 40 minutes to get them installed that way. You’re not here for two hours like that. Right. Perfect. So I go there 30 minutes, they come in. Great. Hey, mr. Graham, or while your truck is around. And just like they said, took them off and I was out perfect. Right. So, um, I’m leaving in on my display now. It says service, uh, power boards. Well, I don’t have any power boards anymore. So why am I getting here? Right. So, um, my front here in Texas, legally, you’re supposed to have a front plate, right?

Uh, the truck, uh, bring a brand new truck for whatever reason. It didn’t come with the Mount to put her front plate on. I said, you know what? I’m right here by a Dodge dealership, I’m going to kill two birds with one stone. I’ve got to get them to put the OEM Mount so I can put my front plate on and I’ll have the OEM Dodge or Ram. They call it Ram. Now, uh, fix this quick issue, this code, this code, whatever, whatever it is, the service thing, I literally roll up Matt. I get out. And they said, uh, uh, do you have an appointment? I said, no, no problem.

If you don’t have one, we’ll make one. But let me tell you, what’s going on now is the Ram OEM. The people where I bought the truck, we’re tracking all this right in the service Bay. And I said, um, I’ve, I’ve had the power boards removed and I’m getting these other ones installed. And I have this error and I’m not you, Matt. This was, this was the, um, the, the example, when he goes, well, you’re getting it because you don’t have the power boards. And I go, Oh, did you not like, let me repeat this. Yeah. I took them off and I need to put these on. I need you guys to help me with whatever is unclear, clear the code dude. Like it’s not an error. It’s whatever he goes. Yeah. He goes, uh, I’ve never seen that before. I said, okay, well, I’m assuming this is right. And I’m trying to be very calm here. This is Ram. You guys are the OEM. I’m assuming you have a technician here that can do that. I’ve never seen it. Your best bet is getting on a forum. This is the service manager of Ram telling me this. And at this point I’m not going to make a scene or anything. And I just, I just, I just literally, I mean, I, I wish there was probably a camera on me. I, I don’t even respond to him, I to the left and I go up to a different service and I explained the same thing. The other guy puts his head down and walks away, explaining it to the other guy and the other guy’s like, well, yeah, he goes, man, I’ve never seen it. But you know, I’ve got a technician and we believe this is a pretty complicated thing. They may have to delete something off the vent or whatever. And it may cost you 160 bucks. Are you okay with that? I said, yeah, fine, whatever. And he goes, why can’t get you in today? Can you, can you come tomorrow? No problem. So I get there, drop it off. I go. Just so I can give perspective how long this is going to take? You said it’s probably about, you know, two hours. So two hours roll by. You’re waiting. I left two hours to roll by. And um, I call and he’s like, yeah, we’re, we’re, we’re, we’re still having some, some problems figuring this out. And uh, you know, w we just don’t know. And then, um, we’re going to keep doing it for four hours. Okay. Now, now for context, I’m installing, my other appointment is at four wheel the next day, the 11. And then I call back in this.

Now it’s been there for four hours and he calls and he said, we can’t figure it out. And I go, Whoa. I said, that’s not acceptable. And now I’m getting mad, right? I’m going, you’re the OEM. You were a Ram. You were the service dealership like that. How do we own that truck? I said, how do you accept telling me that it’s not possible? And he said, well, I don’t, I don’t know why you’re getting upset. I’m just telling you, I go, I’m getting upset because I bought a brand new truck. There’s nothing wrong with the truck. And it’s saying, I have a service error in your Ram. And you’re telling me you’re not capable of fixing it. He said, I’m sorry. Do you want to come get your truck? And I said, I, I, I go, I need you to ask and call somebody else. Okay. So I get off the phone. Now. Now mind you, I’m about compressing time. My, I have not had my truck. It’s been there. I’ve gone once. I’ve brought it back. It’s been there for four hours. I was told for the first time to go to a forum. I was told the second time we can do it. It’s like, you’re tracking all of this, right? So I go, I’m just going to search. So I get on forums.

I get on Rams, Facebook, all these things, right. I’m getting, Oh, you know, I’ve never heard of this before this. Maybe try this, maybe try that. Then I call four wheel parts who I’m getting the other. And they said, great. Uh, mr. Grandma’s problem, I got, I got this air. They go, you know what? We would like to do this. We work with multiple dealerships, one ramp. We’ll call the service guy and see from each an answer. Okay? So 30 minutes goes by. He calls back and gives me an answer. Now I have four different potential outcomes of how you fix this problem. That me, the customer found. So it gets worse. Matt, I put an email together. You know how I get with the PowerPoints? Right? Detailed screenshots, try this. Do that. Here are the six ways. Here’s the source. I got it from beautiful. Right? Send the email.

Now it’s been five and a half hours. No response. Two more hours go by full day. Full day. I’ve called six times. Okay. Finally, I called the main line. I paid him. I get the guy and I’m like, David, what the fuck’s going on? What do you mean? I said, have you checked your email? And he goes, no. I said, go check your email. He looks at all this. And he goes, wow, this is interesting. He goes, uh, let me put you on hold, walks out. And it just happened to be an option. One was for the world part’s option in three minutes, comes back and goes, it’s working. Oh my God. Has he got your truck ready? I pick up the truck, take it affordable. Parts are great. Fix it.

The issue here is what is happening in business. Okay? Customer service. You’ve started this business. Now. Now listen, the guy or gal, that’s the GM of Ram. And I probably need to call them. They’ve gotta be amazing. If I would’ve talked to them, I’m assuming if they’re running a successful dealership, that wouldn’t have gone down that way. Okay. But the problem is mad and we both see this. As you grow, are you training your staff to be curious, you’re not, are you training your staff to go? I need to understand the customer like that is an unacceptable answer. The first guy we can’t fix. Maybe check on a loan. You want to leave. That’s basically what he said. Do you want to, you want to, do you want me to move this car? So you’re back out. Yeah. But, but, but, but see how this plays out. This is it a Ram huge company level down to a geographical level of a GM that servicing a bigger brand and all because of this two guys at the bottom of the totem pole, in theory of this huge company Ram have given me such a bad experience of the customer service and concierge service, or lack of, of taking care of me, that I, I’m not excited about the Ram brand right now. Right? And we’re talking about it in a bad light and In a bad light to, you know, the five to 600 people that download this podcast. Now I love my truck. So now I’ve got it. It’s all there. But I came in today so fired up because if you’re not training in my, this transcript was exported on Nov 17, 2020 – view latest version here. 01625-mm-scale-with-speed-ep-17 – Customer Servi… (Completed 11/17/20) Transcript by Page 4 of 5 customer reviews, you talk about like, dude, what are you doing in the company to ensure that you’re freaking taking care of the customer, right? Th th that that experience is a good one. Dude. There’s so much to unpack there. Think about it for a second. And I know the four wheel parse place that you’re talking about. It’s you? So if anyone was to see the warehouse that these guys have, it’s free. Yeah. It’s on the way to your office. It’s right off the yeah. Carrollton. So just think about that for a sec, mate. Why did four-wheel parts even need to exist? Why didn’t Ram build out the product offering that Ford saw the problem is built out, right? It was just, there’s so many things to unpack here. In your point of your building, you, as the listener are building businesses in which you did this in the beginning, because you just, you had four customers and you had to keep all four and now you’ve got 400 and you’re not doing it for What’s happening. You don’t know how many deals are being missed. You don’t know how many customers are leaving or not choosing you because you have people that don’t care to the level that they need to not only care mad about the customer zero. I can’t imagine listening. It doesn’t matter what level I’m at as a human being. I don’t care what job that is. Okay. Judge in his teens, I would’ve never responded that way. It just wouldn’t have gone down that way. I would have said, sir, I’ve never seen this before. Can you please pull up? I don’t want to keep you too long, but what I’m going to do just to let you know, I’m going to go talk to my technician. And in parallel, I knew a couple of forums and YouTube things, because I haven’t seen it. So do you mind there’s coffee in there? Some cookies, go, go sit down. I’ll let you know in 10 minutes, if we can keep it, what we can do, never would have said never seen it. Good luck, check a forum. Like what is happening. And they didn’t even know that four wheel parts was a vendor or a partner that they could have simply called. And those guys could have guided them along. It’s crazy. And it happens everywhere, dude. It happens everywhere. Yeah. So what do you do, dude? You’ve got to go back and survey your customers. Why did you lose that deal? Why did they leave you? Okay. Who is managing that account? When’s the last time you said, okay, walk me. I know we have an onboarding process, but I’d like to see it. I’d like to hear how we talk to the customer. I like to see how we service the account. I’d like to see the experience now to flip that Jordan’s Mercedes had to go in, uh, yesterday a totally different experience. Ma’am would you like a child? Uh ma’am here’s the good news. Here’s the three cars you can pick from. I know you didn’t have an appointment. Oh yeah. I’m going to get the service guys to look at this. We haven’t another, we haven’t seen this, this a technical issue before. We’re going to figure it out for you. We’re going to get the car detailed, like just a totally different deal. But in the meantime, here’s a car. Go back to your life. Go, go keep your wheel, Yo. And by the way, Dodge never offered me a car. I forgot about that. Yeah. Craziness. Well, listen, I hope that resonates with you so that you do what the judge just said, which is go back and audit your freaking processes, man. Just go back and see how it plays out from a secret shop, your business. Yeah. Right? Yeah. And then, and listened to your responsibility. Train your people to be customer centric. Okay. How would you, it should be common human sense. If that guy was to reverse, would he want me to tell him? Probably not using common sense. Even if you don’t have training, make sure you’re hiring people that understand common sense. And that would treat people. They want the way that they want to be treated. This transcript was exported on Nov 17, 2020 – view latest version here.

I had to go out to the Lake yesterday, pay the contractor for paint in the Lake house. And uh, um, I texted him and said, um, Hey, I’ll be out there between like 10 30 and 11. Uh, when do you want to meet? He said those times are perfect. Yeah. So I texted him. I said, I’m 15 minutes out. He said, stop by the three crows for lunch. I’ll buy you lunch. Nah, just meet me at the house. Yeah. I get to the house. I had already walked the house. By the time he pulled up, I could not find one over-spray and dude, I was looking for it right now. Remember this, this is a yellow house that was converted to dark blue with white trim, the dark to white, yellow underneath you see? I couldn’t find one. So I texted him. I said, the house doesn’t look good. Yeah. And then, you know, on the text you see the three dots, right? Yeah. And he’s like, he’s like, what, what do you, what do you mean? I said, it looks spectacular. He says to Mo Oh, I can’t believe I myself. Don’t do that to me. Right. He pulled in, we walked the house. I could not find anything. Now this, they had taken off all the light fixtures. They painted all the light fixtures. They’d taken the speakers on the patio, took those off repaint. I couldn’t find one thing that I was going to complain about.

And um, and of course I paid him and the whole ride over there. I’m saying to myself, I know this. Guy’s going to want the money and I’m not going to pay him the remainder of the deposit. I’m going to have to pay half of the remainder of the posit. We’re gonna have to go back and forth out of nothing. And I said, man, I’m, I’m so surprised that you guys did it. He’s like, dude, that’s just, he’s like, there’s a limited amount of customers out here. We have to win on every single one. Mm. Not the man. Yeah. That’s a good way of thinking about it, by the way, just FYI.

I knew that he had attention to detail because he had his trailer in my driveway and uh, he left it there for a couple of days while they were working. And I looked in the trailer, it was immaculate. Right. The freaking, the elect, the extension cords were wrapped perfectly. The paint was in the right spot. The fans right there were just pointing. Yeah. Great. So I just knew that there was attention. Could you visualize the opposite? Right? Just on top of , climate in a fit, right? He said, I got eight. He goes, I have eight trailers. Every single one of them is set up. And I said, how do you train? Your guys say, I teach my guys that this process is the most efficient process for them. Not for me, for them to get the job done. So they understand that and they keep it right. So it’s a big deal, man, full focus on delivering a good product or service, understand that you’ve got to over deliver for the customer. And it’s just, it’s huge. Right? I mean in just, just have common sense. Do you want to be treated like, you know, I mean, you know, the guy painting your house, would he want to show up and have, you know, paint buckets everywhere? Like no.

Oh, he wasn’t. No, by the way he says, uh, by the way, here is the gallon of the blue and here’s the gallon of the white, just so in case there’s anything, any little something you want to see or you need a match or anything just, just done. Right. And it’s so rare. It’s so rare. I paid them extra for it. It was so rare. You know what he said to me? He said this extra, I will not keep it going right to my guys. It’s awesome.

Awesome. great. Yeah. So a great story. Great lessons. I hope you guys take it. I’m at the end of the day, you’re listening to the podcast to scale with speed, right? It’s not like I do enough to get by on a podcast. It’s called scale with speed. All right, judge. Take us out. Make it happen!