While CFF holds a world-class reputation for our commercial lending programs, did you know that we’re also one of the top commercial equipment leasing companies in America, too?

In fact, we were recently voted as one of the top 6 commercial leasing companies in America by FitSmallBusiness.com.

But why is equipment leasing so popular?
That’s a great question, which we’ll address here!

Equipment Leasing is BETTER Than Buying IF…

#1: You Need the Lowest Possible Monthly Payment

It’s true, your monthly payment is going to be much less on a lease agreement than your monthly payment will be on a loan. Additionally, you are likely to get a lease with zero-money-down. So, your overall costs of controlling and leveraging that equipment to generate higher profits in your business are maximized by leasing.

#2: You Want Keep Newer Equipment

You may either prefer or need to have commercial trucks and/or equipment that is newer and up-to-date. If this is the case for your business then leasing the equipment you need is the best bet. As a rule-of-thumb, if you want to get new equipment every 2 to 4 years, then leasing is the best option.

#3: Stay in Manufacturer’s Warranty

Let’s be real, when you own equipment, your warranty runs out and you have something major to fix, it could cost you a fortune to fix. That’s the problem with buying equipment – as soon as you pay it off, you trade those payments for repair costs.

#4: Deduct the Entire Payment on Taxes

The beautiful thing about equipment leasing is that you get to deduct the whole year of payments on your taxes as a business expense. On the other hand, when you purchase equipment, you deduct a percentage of depreciation for that year. That means your tax savings will be greater by leasing instead of purchasing commercial trucks and equipment.

If any of the above scenarios sound like the best fit for you, commercial equipment leasing is probably the best choice for your business needs.

Why CFF is the Best Equipment Leasing Company in America

CFF is the clear number one choice of commercial leasing companies in America for several reasons.

#1: More Programs

We have 14 different leasing programs to choose from to find the ideal option that fits your unique equipment leasing needs.

#2: No Money Down

Most of our programs require no down payment. This allows you to keep money in your pockets to fund your growth with cash.

#3: Leasing Approval in 2 Hours

CFF has the best trained sales team in America. They are seasoned and experts and serving customers well. We’ve refined our leasing process to be ultra-fast.

This means you after you submit your quick leasing application, our team can approve your lease request in as little as 2 hours.

#4: Funds in 24 Hours

CFF offers funding in as little as 24 hours. So, once you apply, you can drive off in your new commercial truck or equipment the next business day.

Next Steps

So don’t wait, call 469-281-2962 to chat with our Leasing Consultant or simply fill out the leasing application here.

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