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What is ‘Fresh Start?’

Fresh Start is actually a sister company of CFF called, Fresh Start Equipment Finance, Inc.

This company works hand-in-hand with CFF to get loan approvals for customers that are unable to get approved through traditional financing.

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Get Financed in As Little As 24 Hours even with…

  • Damaged Credit Score of 500-649

  • ​Less than 2 Years in Business

  • Rejection Letters from Everyone Else

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The CFF Process is Easy as 1-2-3!

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Fill out a simple 1-page application and provide a bill of sale.

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Get financing in hand in as little as 24 hours!

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Mission of Fresh Start

Fresh Start loan experts fully understand that many businesses start with a LACK of resources.

They also understand that things happen that can affect credit score and the score doesn’t always tell the whole story. The focus of this program is to help bad credit truck financing clients get started in business and build their commercial credit in the process.

By making payments and building experience, these clients will eventually become good credit truck financing clients.

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The CFF Advantage is Clear


5 Star Rating

Low down payment, fast approval, decent interest rates.

5 Star Rating

A Gagic, Trucking

My rep was very knowledgeable and on top of things throughout the process. So, we did 2 deals and both went very smoothly with no issues. He was straight forward and easy to work with.
5 Star Rating.

M Williams, Trucking

My representative was very professional and I felt really good after taking with him that CFF was a company I wanted to do business with.
5 Star Rating.

T Godish, Trucking

I have purchased several automobiles in the past and will purchase lots more, by far this has been the best experience thus far. I have already referred a few clients to CFF and will continue to do so.
5 Star Rating.

D Morgan, Trucking

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