For Dealers

At CFF we pride ourselves on working with carefully selected dealers from around the United States.  We look for partnerships vs. transactions.  Our best dealers fit the following profile:

Established dealers with inventory of new or used transportation equipment such as trucks, trailers, tow trucks, construction equipment or moving equipment.

  1. Dealers with a wide variety of used equipment are a great fit for CFF.  Our NO AGE RESTRICTION TRUCK AND TRAILER FINANCING PROGRAM allows our dealer partners to sell equipment of any year model, because CFF will do the financing!
  2. Dealers who understand the benefit of offering financing options to their clients.  Dealers who only offer cash options, will sell less equipment, because not all buyers can or want to pay cash for equipment.
  3. Dealers who like to use the phone.  At CFF, we like to talk to people!
  4. Dealers who want to help their clients with the best overall programs that meet the needs of their customers FIRST!  Remember our Core Value #3 “CFF always recommends the program that benefits our client before benefiting us.”  This core value needs to be agreed upon by our dealer partners as well. The dealer who is only interested in selling their equipment vs. providing the best possible options for their customers is probably not going to work well with us.

Our dealers sell more equipment when they partner with CFF because of the following benefits:

CFF understands transportation equipment better than other finance companies – it’s our specialty for the last 20 years!

  1. The entire staff at CFF want to talk with you and your buyer.  We are happy to pick up the phone and talk!  While most bankers are in meetings or sending emails, CFF is on the phone helping you close your deal!
  2. CFF handles all of the paperwork for you.  From the application to documentation to funding, CFF does it all so you can focus on selling equipment!
  3. Our rates and payments compete head to head with local banks and credit unions.  Because we are so competitive, your buyers don’t look elsewhere!

It all starts with a phone call. Please call us directly at (469) 208-4701 and let’s talk about partnering for YOUR success!