At CFF, our typical client has a personal credit score of 640 or higher.  With credit scores below 640, additional information will be required to review and potentially approve your credit application.

We will do a soft pull on your credit to verify what programs you may qualify for. A soft pull does not impact your score. CFF looks at both your business and your personal credit when we process your credit application.  This is often positive, because some clients have limited business credit, and we can use the strength of their personal credit to approve their financing and put the equipment IN THE NAME OF THEIR BUSINESS.

CFF has a unique program called FRESH START.  It provides the opportunity for clients with challenged credit to get re-established.  The rates are higher and the terms are more ridged, but we do have an option for you with approved credit.

Our rates often compete head to head with your local bank or credit union.  Yes, we need to review your credit, but you will find our rates highly competitive within the transportation equipment financing industry.  In the end, if we aren’t competitive, you don’t have to do business with us.

Credit Application

We are fast.  If your application is complete, we can usually issue a credit approval within as little as 2 hours.