Welcome to CFF-U Business Series!

Welcome to chapter five of CFF university. I hope you’re enjoying the first four. They’re good stuff. I promise you if you do the first, the second and the third and the fourth, you’re already way ahead of majority people in business for themselves. Chapter five is a foundational build on chapter four, chapter four, we built your niche right now.

Market Leader Content

We have to create what we refer to as market leader, content content that pushes you into the market as the leader in that niche. So market leader content is answered by really four questions. The first question I want you to ask yourself is who are we? What do we do? Who do we do it for? And what geographic territory do we do it in? The second question is what do you do? We tow vehicles in, uh, four dealerships in Dallas, Fort worth better than anybody.

What Proof Do You Have?

The next is what proof do you have? What we mean by proof is not your sales staff telling the market how good you are. We’re talking about third party validation here. Have you been profiled in a magazine? Are you on television? Have you been, um, written up in a magazine for the amazing work that you did during a disaster and how your company through your niche helped the community get better? What are the reviews?

It does look like our clients actually going to Google and Facebook and leaving you a good review. All of that is considered market leader content and specifically third party validation. The marketplace needs third party validation. Now just ask yourself if you’re taking your significant other out to a restaurant, you’re going to do a Google search of that new restaurant, whether it’s on Yelp or open door, or just Google, you want to know the reviews you want.

Third-party Validation

Third-party validation that, that place that you’re going to trust and take your important person to is worthy. The same thing has to happen to your business. Customers are searching your business to see what other people say about it. And the last piece of building great market leader content is why do your customers want what you do? On average, our customers save 10% on average, our customers get their delivery. 30% faster than our competitors.

On average, we have a 99.9% damage, free delivery rate. Whatever your benefit to your customer is, is part of the messaging that you out into the marketplace that we in CFF university and through our burn, the ships boot camps, call market leader content. So to recap, it starts with who you are. What do you do? What proof do you have? Why do your customers want it? When you began to and begin to answer those questions, you begin to craft messaging that positions and strengthens you as the niche leader, the dominator in that space. And that is the end game.

Experts Get Paid And Amateurs Get Crushed

Remember experts get paid and amateurs get crushed experts have all of these. They have a clear vision of who they are. They specifically know what they do. The niche that they dominate in. They have third party validation of proof that other people agree with it. And the fourth piece is they actually provide benefit to the client and they can prove it. This one is so important. The ability to get your company into the marketplace to be known for what you’re growing. Okay.

The Gap Becomes Your Niche

There is an amazing book called the challenger sale. It’s written by a guy named Matt Dixon. And in the book, Matt Dixon says that 57% of buyers go to your website to do research on your company before they ever engage your company to do business. In other words, 57% of people that you’re talking to, or you want to do business with is searching for these answers, who you are, what you do, what proof do you have?

And what’s in it for me as the customer, if that’s the case and we believe it is, and Matt Dixon wrote an amazing book. So we’ll take it at 57%. What do your customers see when they look you up? Therefore you need great market leader, content. How are you perceived in the marketplace? How do you position yourself in the marketplace? What do customers say about you? All of it matters.

Now, one last takeaway on this concept, we’re talking about how to recruit customers from it. But the other thing, great market leader content does, is it recruits good employees, employees want the same thing.

Help Solve Their Problem – Recap